Top 10 top 10 for a homeless

things to learn as a homeless guy
1. learn the knowledge of a cabbie (with out a cab)
2. teach a three legged dog how to run again
3. move to the woods
4. live on the rooftops of london (cockney quasimodo if you will)
5. fight crime, vigilante style
My top seven things to do if faced with homelessness....get a
piece of string
cardboard box
sleeping bag
crash course in liking special brew
speech therapy so I could shout incoherently when drunk
learn a mantra i.e. got any spare change
ok many thanks for the tips also i would like to add...

to sleep with one eye opened
territoriality (works for dogs as well)

but in that time i met a really homeess man. shit serious thing there's always sth new to learn
possibly the worst thread in the world.

suppose you found yourself with no companion but the cold hard tarmac. your keys don't work. no easy escape to somewhere warm and a filling meal. see how funny it is then.