Top 10 Top 10 Indian Restaurants/Take Aways

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In no order...

1. Lahore Kebab House, off Commercial Street near the City of London
2. Mezban, Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park
3. Djarjeeling Inn, Southall, London
4. Delhi Brasserie, Soho, London
5. Balti house somewhere in Birmingham, the really big one
6. A couple of the takeaways in Bradford near the university
7. Sealounge, Taj Hotel, Mumbai, India
8. Kwality Restaurant, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India
9. Kesar da Dhabha, Amritsar, India
10. China Gate, Mumbai, India
11. Amritsar club, Amritsar, India
12. The Kitchen of Mrs Lotus :Wink3:
I've only been to No. 8 but would add

1. Kashmir the oldest & The Mumtaz- arguably the best curry house in Bradford
2. Bobbys in Leicester - great veggie food
3. Really good Thali house in Madurai - name escape me but it was 20 rupees for as much as you can eat - so it must have been good (the shoddy ones were 10 rups)!
4. Shahns takeaway on London rd, Sheffield - words of wisdom from the Koran on the walls as you wait for the best saag paneer in S Yorks!!
5. The ?? Sweet House in Rusholme Manchester - the only veggie palce on the curry mile with great masala dosas
1. Brilliant restaurant Southall
2. Asha Tandoori Hayes
3. Lahore Karahi Southall
4. Hayes Tandoori
6. Nargis Southall
7. Sakoni's Wembley
8. Clay Oven Ealing
9. my mums house
10. and the Kitchen of Mrs Salhan :smoke:
omg omg omg

finally i find out where the lahore kebab house is ... my relatives(annoyin ones at that.. hence i didnt call them to find out :P ) took me there when i first came to the UK but i forgot where it was located .. could you please post its address ...

its the only mughlai food in the UK that reminded me of the food at my fav restaurant in delhi so missed not knowing where it was ... yayyyyy

and to add to this list

there is little restaurant (actually just 3 tables there) behind victoria station in london run by this pakistani guy .. awesome food

and out of the posch ones B) ... its on totenham (its 5am and i cant spell.. lol) court road called malabar something ..cant remember ..very nice for that authentic south indian flavour (no masala dosas there dont go there wishing for them :P cause i did)
Don't have many, but two that I'd recommend are:

Jaipur - Milton Keynes
The Moghul Palace - Stony Stratford (get the Mogul Chicken)
Only ever been to one really good one........

Raj Poot in Bath

Oh.......and Prolly the best Indian food Iv ever had was cooked up by Willibaba at his house after the majikana festival.....mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Willibaba gets my vote.
Well I for one will second Robs vote for Willibaba !!! After majikana his meal hit the spot.
Not that any of you can make it but hey, you never know..... The one place Ill miss more than any at all in Dallas is Kalachandjis Restaraunt. It is a small vegetarian indian restaraunt in the side of a Krishna temple. amazing food, great music, and truly wonderful to be surrounded by the Krishnas, so nice they are ;-)

I will have to look into some of the recommendations tho, havent had Indian yet here in the UK.....


Maybe he can bring some of his cooking to the Psyproject party? I'd be up for trying some for sure with all these glowing recommendations....

PS Goagabba - fully broe.
Made a lovely veggie thai green curry yesterday, was scrummie :heart:
Aaah, Mrs B my GF would love to have that recipe...... :grin: pls :Smile3:

Mike Indidginus - Good idea, but knowing Willi + party........ :Wink3:

Oh yeah, and one more thing Mike - Lank, lank, fully cool broester :Wink3:
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (Goagabba @ Sep 29 2003, 02:16 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> Aaah, Mrs B my GF would love to have that recipe...... :grin: pls :Smile3:

Very easy:-
1 jar of thai green curry sauce (llyod grosman???)(cheat but quick when your busy)
half smallish cauliflower
1 large corgette
potatoes (how ever many you like)
1 1/2 onions
2 green chillies
2 red chillies
3-4 cloves of garlic
half yellow pepper
half green pepper
2 carrots sliced
2 sticks of celery
as many mushrooms as you like
black pepper & salt

I think that is it...... I need to get some proper herbs & spices so I can make my own sauces that will blow you away.
Metatron said:
Diwana Bel Phuri House - Drummon Street

Superb Dosa

That place still open?? Cor, haven't been there since I was 16 :Smile3:
Mine is a little restaurant not far from colaba i can't remember the name but its on the way to the docks and all the taxi drivers use it,,,and its the best butter chicken i have ever had.
Metatron said:
Diwana Bel Phuri House - Drummon Street

Superb Dosa

Do you mean Drummond St., nr Euston? I have been studying across the road since october and have not yet ventured onto drummond st, but some good Bhel Phuri would go down a treat.

For good 'rolls' I reccomend Mela on shaftesbury avenue at lunchtime, but my two choices: (obviously excluding my mum's) has to be:

1. the ashram in pondicherry, south india. You eat the food in silence and you don't even have to pay if you don't want to (you can do the washing up).

2. the second hut along the clifftop in Varkala, Kerala where they start marinating fish when you order it and there's stunning sunset without fail.

Not on my list (because I haven't been to it) is the Rajput on Goldhawk Rd, which my housemates swear by.