Top 10 Top 10 Panoramic Tunes/Albums/Performances 2004

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1) Solar Fields/Aes Dana/Huva Network - Live in Fairy Tales 13/11/'04.
A dream came true. Some tracks will feature on several compilations next year and a special stream will be on the Ultimae website soon. For free! Best deep panoramic experience of the year!

2) Aes Dana ~ Chernozem rmx (Ultimae)
Ambient? IDM? Downtempo? Just a pearl...

3) Aes Dana ~ Iris Rotation (Ultimae)
My fav track from "Memory Shell", top album from this year. 100BPM lovers can't go wrong.

4) Anahata ~ Shakti (Aleph Zero)
Minimal, slow and dubby yet IDMish and dreamy. Mmmhh...

5) Gaudi ~ Meena rmx (Interchill)
Gaudi goes melodic and we love it! Bassy and dreamy. "Bass, Sweat and Tears" is the dub album of 2004.

6) Antonio Testa ~ Radioforest (Tantric Harmonies)
New offer from Antonio Testa is an exotic journey to the faraway lands, to unknown gods and bizarre rituals. Guest stars: Alio Die and Opium. Tribal ethno ambient at its best!

7) Bola ~ Gnayse (Skam)
Third album from this genius. Here's the future.

8) Explosions in the sky ~ The earth is not a dead cold place (Bellaunion)
Ten minutes tracks-orientaded cult rock band from Texas. No vocals, just instrumental psychedelic rock a go-go. Check them!

9) Gli Intervalli Con l'Arpa, an old classical music record I found in Rome with pieces for harp and orchestra form Haendel, Paradisi amongst the others. I've been looking for this album since I was a teenager.

10) My dentist: I had my first dental pull-out and he was just outstanding. If u need a serious dentist in London PM me, u can't go wrong.

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Bring on 2005 :bananada:

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