Top 10 Top 10 places to be kissed


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1) lower belly (and beyond :Wink3: )
2) Neck
3) Lips/mouth/tongue/tonsills (in that order!)
4) Inside of my legs
5) Small of my back
6) Back of my hands
7) Cheek
8) Forehead
9) Toes

little toe on left foot
2nd little toe on left foot
middle toe on left foot
2nd big toe on left foot
big toe on left foot

big toe on right foot
2nd big toe on right foot
middle toe on right foot
2nd little toe on right foot

little toe on right foot

back of neck
over the phone(if we're not together)
bummy :wub:
COCK!!!!! :smoke:
eugh you guys are all perves *unmitigated disgust* :crazy:
whats wrong with a nice big smooch on a beach in the sun - instead of all the bodily mayhem? :no:
no! not as much as my mouth anyway :P

and since when did you become rudey two-shoes? :hehe:
1. Lips
2. Neck
3. Piercing #1
4. Ears
5. Piercing #2
6. Top of legs
7. Eyelids

erm ... where-ever!
Anyway am single now so not applicable ...
no mans land.......the bit between your balls an the bottom off your butt crack

(eugh, i feel so dirty)
licking, sucking, nibbling or kissing my ear lobes will drive me more wild than kissing me *there*. :wub:

gives me the tingles just thinking about it :rolleyes:

neck is #2..
yes - sounds really freaky but is nice :Smile3: once you get past the yucky factor - have recommended it to many peeps and theyve all come back saying where did you get that from?! :Wink3:
jooncoi said:
anyone ever had their eyeballs licked....or licked an eyeball, i've heard its an experiance everyone should have the pleasure of gettin
I wear contacts so I cant experience that pleasure :sad:
I've just been experimenting in the shower and i fink i've just found my G spot... tis on my left leg just below my knee....

I'm just going back to double check....... :Smile3:
eeeeeeeeew eyeballs!!!! thats just GROSS! :unsure:

buuuut hmmm kisses :wub:
id like to make a list but well i just realised im too bloody shy...
i just cant tell you.... :rolleyes: :Smile3:

some things just gotta stay private..even though i might make a list in my dairy so i can have a smile :Smile3: