Top 10 Top 10 things to bring to festivals

good list Moodle, but wouldnt you need a fukin van to take all this with you? :unsure:
lol :Grin:

i'd get a trianga stove,,,there as useful as your legs! no shit,one of the best fings i've used for camping... :Wink3: for them brew and spliff moments back at the tent...the idea of a beautiful horny girlfriend is a very nice concept indeed'lol if there's any offers :Wink3:
as for stashing of say a bit of weed?......i'd keep it on your person maybe(well stashed though) as glastonbury seemed a little more aware this year! namely i got my bags searched as i went out of the site a few times! as crew this seemed very weird indeed!! (first time for that,and i got away wiv it....but i would just say keep it all safe and STEALTH

"good list Moodle, but wouldnt you need a fukin van to take all this with you?"

:Grin: Not my list, I'm takin meself and me 'rugs and me cider! BUT....STEALTHY LIKE :Wink3: :Wink3:

LOL Moodle x
jooncoi said:
eugh you have plastic sheets??????

only black plastic bin liners but i guess they'll do..

to be honest, im surprised at the extensive list of stuff some of you are bringing, ffs! its only 3/4 days, a small rucksack should be enough really you girls :P
1. tin ov tuna

2. tin opener

3. spoon

4. bottle ov jagermister

5. silly hat

6.tin ov sardines

7.some fluro shit

8. flip flops

9. 24 5p bottles of white wine

10. skip ov narcotics

Ah System Error - so you're taking 'journalist food' ...

"What is journalist food?" They cry....

Well, when journo's go on assignment in war zones (as you do) they take tins of fish with them because they last for ever and are very rich in protein - easy to carry, can be opened with a penknife in the dark during a bombing raid etc...ipsi factso - 'journalist food'

I would LIKE to bring some journalist food with me but as I'm a vegetarian I can't :wizard1: