Top 10 Top 10 things to do in a Hot Bath..


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Because I spent nearly 3 hours in the bath last night, I though I had to share what on earth I filled my time doing...

Not before you though...

I'll give you a clue...

1> I lost the soap
2> Came out smooth as a baby
3> spent half the time 'managing' a cucumber
4> Lost my sight (under the cumber slices)
5> Sang *stop childeren, what's that sound..) :unsure:
6> Thought how rude 'Lord of the Rings' is when translated into Arabic..
7> Put my hair into a Ma'husive Mohecan
8> Had a ceremonius foot massage from Melinaaaaahhh..
9> Got carried away with toe-the-tap
10>Snorkled for 20 mins to exfoliate my face and swam to prune-city!

:lol1: :lol1: :lol1:

i seem to spend my whole time in the bath doing the 'funny hairstyles' game, it's soooooo entertaining!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tried to avoid fondling my arse because it just can't be right, right? :?

i know how you feel zaven.. :no:
what is all this bottom-fiddling about?!

perverts the lot of you :P

I'm not alone!


*get's a little toooo excited butt resists arse for now.....*

"I am the master of my ring. And to fondle it with such seeming pleasure and deepest most sinister satisfaction is an auns, anus crime..."

Punishable by penetration.

*considers new "fondle your ring" thread to muster somekind of allegance to the realm....*
Oh shit....

This may have gone too far..

*retracts ring thread..*


You perverts!

Am i the only one that sings in his bathroom?
#read magazine
#look at my toes
#play with my belly piercing
#think:meeh i need to paint my toenails....