Top 10 Top 10 to do in shite weather..


Time to prime..

1> Cry - no one will notice the tears for all the pissing rain
2> Dance - touche
3> Piss yourself laughing at the tragedy - same explanation as 1>
4> Head to your favourite festi with a shit tent and no rain wear.
5> Drag a 5K P.A into the middle of 'kin nowhere without a Marquee
6> Buy a £165 garden hose with brackets and spray gun/car wash kit
7> Buy all new summer clothes and gorgeous blue suede shoes
8> Leave the cat out all night
9> Hide - just hide from everyone
10>Watch porn and eat Haagen Daaz, Mmmm

Tatz zit. I'm done.



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1. Mix
2. Watch tele/video
3. Play computer
4. Go on psyforum
5. Draw/paint/create
6. Eat
7. Phone someone
8. Develop plans for a James Bond style submarine
9. Think up loadsa ways to piss off fellow house people
10. See if u can pee shoot to house across street



Pantheistic Cyberneticist
10. Have angry irrational outburst at anyone who might have seen where I left my umbrella.
9. Dig warm Goth clothing from back of wardrobe and vanish off to scary Clubs and Pubs to sulk.
8. Go to work and feel chuffed there's nothing better to do.
7. Temporarily move into cyberspace rather than the real world.
6. Drink.
5. Glumly stare at waterlogged picnic in a howling gale, feel patriotic and kinda tough!
4. Praise the "Big Green Coat" for it's continuing weather repellant abilities - yay!
3. Temporarily move into internal world of vague sexual fantasies rather than the real world.
2. Drink more.
1. Buy plane ticket to somewhere sunny ...
Hmmm, what to do in the rain

buy some really expensive material and make an unbrella out of it
be gloomy/grumpy
be negative/think that the rain will melt you
sit and smoke in your car
open your sunroof and let in the rain
read teletext pages instead
apply for "GOLF SALE" jobs
stand on the A40 selling roses 10 for £5
listen to psy at home and pretend you're in a forest
sell your Glade ticket on e-bay for £300



marathon solo-sessionahoy
1. lament the tragic demise of ex-relatives
2. re-read the collected works of shakespeare
3. sit and imagine each falling drop is a passing fragment of your life
4. listen through all the lps of Nick Cave, The Smiths and Eliot Smith
5. line up 10 paracetamols while doing this
6. think of loves lost and missed
7. think of those unrequited feelings that you once so yearned for
8. listen to the sound of the rain and wish you were anywhere, anywhere but here
9. take a pill
10. feel free



my my my all this badness
when it rains i...
1. run thru the rain like an idiot (legs/arms flailing widley)
2.put plastic bags over your speakers, pump some psy thru them an do some (wooden) staffin, best done while wearin shorts and NOTHING ELSE
3. go puddle jumping
4. splash down the road in the gutter a la singing in the rain!!!
5. jump onto grass an see how far you can slide along it
6. lay down on concrete till the rain stops, there will be a real cool dry patch in the shape of you
7. get some friends round and sit in your garden under some tarpaulin and tell stories
8. count the rain drops
9. watch faeries jumpin around in the rain (no...thats not rain hitting the ground and splashing up...its faeries)
10. stare at the sky (preferably thru a window) eventually it'll look as tho your movin up really quickly
11. go for a walk then look at yourself in a mirror an think 'hmm my hair looks better when its wet!!!'
12. have a reversed water fight, with towels instead of guns....geddit!!!

btw, if you do any of the above, try not to catch cold x


marathon solo-sessionahoy
cheery bastartd :P

your mum

Make music
Make love/have sex
Smoke charas
Listen to music (can combined with making love/having sex/chilling with housemates/smoking/Playing a game of RISK)
Go out for coffee
Go to the movies
Watch a movie at home (can be combined with eating and/or smoking/having sex)
Chill with housemates...talking about how shit the weather is, is optional (can be combined with smoking)
Play a game of RISK that takes hours to finish
Clean your flat

Peace out.


josh said:
cheery bastartd :P
as the divine comedy sung
i cant help myself, i'm in love with the summer time

even when it rains :P
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