Top 10 Top 5 Amsterdam Coffeeshops


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In Order:
1-Global Chillage- :lol1:
Lovely Staff, Music, Coffee, Skunk and Deco-Its so nice to hear actual good quality Psy-Trance in a Coffeeshop-not continual Bob-Marley, or Euro-house.

2-Picasso- :punk:
Music, Atmos and 8:00 Am opening time (plus free toast)

3-Goa- :P
The type of place you could spend a whole day playing chess, plus excellent coffee and double excellent Vanilla Hashcakes

4-Rokerij (Liedseplein)- :blink:
Nice dark atmosphere, and a great tea selection.

5-Greenhouse- :lol:
Global Chillage is great!! :smoke: It's really relaxed and the decors wicked!! Definitely the place to be although other places offer better gear...... Goa trance/ambient music on weekends too!!

Aquarium and Grey Area are the places to be for quality gear, nice shops too

:smokingr: :drinking:

all we got in Hayes are greasy cafes!! :lol1:
I didn't really consider gear quality in my list (excepting greenhouse)
Ive been 3 times and I still havn't found the damned Grey Area. :no:
Where is it?

Hey!! I used to skate in Hayes!!!! Nice 1 man,

Crouch Ends no better for Coffee shops :crazy:

Crap pubs too
Excellent choices my furry freinds :Smile3:

1. Greenhouse (all three of 'em) ('cept one of them was hardcore local, with membership cards 'n turnstiles....But they had Neville's haze, and at £30 an eighth, a treat, the purest haze possible but very hard to grow.)
2. Coffeeshop 36 - simply cos it's the first one I ever smoked at, and is always the last one I go to due to the hugely strong green cake they make there, which makes flying back to UK and the next 8 hours bearable :Smile3:
3. Grey Area, mmmmmmm, dig the wall art, spent hours tripping out on that :lol1:
4. Funny People, cos they're always open nice and early for us folks that get there off the 6am flight :Wink3: Funny skunk, not the strongest, but the name's a winner :lol1:
5. Goa, although you're not supposed to smoke on the chairs'ntables outside, everyone does anyway :lol:

But while it was still around (is it still there anyone?)
De Boot (The Boat) The floating Coffeeshop, if you can get a seat on the deck in the summer anyway :dlol: The boat didn't go anywhere, but I did (from the weed bought at Greenhouse :lol: )
de damprink(mis spelt i think)-nice decor and great charras.

abraxus-again nice decor-lay out-quite bright and colourful.chess boards a plenty+internet access

lucky mothers-no longer is but this was the first one i ever smoked in in dam,we recognised it instantly from 'amsterdam by night' a channel four programme screened a few year back.bootiful weed,the first and fave silver pearl.+very comfy seating downstairs.which seems quite rare in the coffeeshops.

greenhouse-lovely buds, nice peeps.

homegrown fantasy-
some of the best skuff i ever come across.lovely weed nice colourful psycedelic artwork.

pink floyd- nice weed and hash.
abraxus-again nice decor-lay out-quite bright and colourful.chess boards a plenty+internet access

Barneys------coz it does the best breakfast!

Only been to Amsterdam once so there are many more coffee shops I am yet to experience. These were two of my favourites from my first visit tho. Especially loved Abraxus. At the very top there was a small little room, very comfortable with a few very sweet plants growing behing a screen. Was wicked.

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Barneys is ace!!! good Weed wiv breakfast, and the best trippy decor and odd tables in the Dam. The walls and tables just all flow into each other and the paintings are unreal.
Sensi Smells- sick upstirs chillout no one knows about but shhhhh....
Why is my post deleted? I commented on this one before....or am I discluded 'cause I'm living here in the city of sin ??? :blink: :o :Wink3:

Anyway, here we go again:

01 - The Noon (Best budz, for fairly cheap special offers and very friendly staff)

02 - The Rokerij (Leidscheplein one, most amazing decorated coffeeshop in town and that goes for the barladies most of they time as well :P Budz/Hash are good though expensive !!)

03 - Abraxas (Cool crew, fair prices for pretty damn good stuff, specially for the horrible tourist-redlight-area) and also one of A'dam most amazingly decorated shops)

04 - The Dampkring (Amazing dope, one of the best in town and always friendly staff, topnotch atmosphere and nicely decorated !!!)

05 - Global Chillage, for it's topclass chilly atmosphere, although the old Goa/Traveller vibe is waaaaaaaaaaay gone compared to the old days. Quality of smoke is also not what it used to be

:shrooms: :smokingr: :shrooms:
yeah think for the details of decor it has to be abarhuxy m';job lol

was nice being in there mid week watching some of the decor being finished off!

so there ya go' peace jx :hehe:
Coffeeshops aside....... try out the Conscious Dreams smart shop (some where in the red light side).
the walls are painted with clouds all over them and the place is 'trippily' decorated, they play Shpongley music and has a comfy seating area at the back over-looking a canal....
I shit you not we spent 6 hours sat in this seating area (which is a long time when you have lots more of amsterdam to see!!) munching mush and enjoying the atmosphere. I can't wait to goback there!
incidently...... why don't more coffee shops do food!?
Surely this would be common sense as they'd make a killing selling good quality munchables!?
Kashmir Lounge, without a shadow of a doubt is one of the best coffeeshops in Dam. Grey area sells nice weed, but is a little small I found. Abraxas is great decor and rather roomey at that, but one of the greats is of course De Dampkring, great weed, music and drinks.

proper bo :Smile3:
Bluebird cos of the sofa
Grey Area cos they sell trichomes
Siberie - try the Siberian Tiger skunk!
Anywhere that sells hash from the Himalayan region
Oh yeah, and the one on the boat.
Shit man, must have been to hundreds - amazed you can all remember so clearly :?

day 1 :smokingr: day 2 :smokingr: day 3 :smokingr: day 4 :smokingr:
day 5 give it a rest.. oh well sod it :smokingr:

BTW Conscious Dreams headshop in Red Light District has the best chillout area imaginable
I used to like the Doors cafe at the top of the canal.. but they'd painted over all the graffiti the last time I'd been..

Found the Sky Cafe round a few dark corners which had a Rasta with HUGE dreads at the bar.. in fact it was full of Rasta's (me being the only white girl was a little strange) - but they were playing reggie all day.. so that was cool.. all the guys were really nice in the end.. but I'm sure we'd just walked in on a crack deal :crazy:

wyrdy beardy said:
de damprink(mis spelt i think)-nice decor and great charras.

yes my favourite!

it's spelled "dampkring" - this word is a real twisted way of making a new meaning with an excisting word. impossible to explain but hilarious :Smile3:

and this Irish coffeeshop called barney's does indeed have the best breakfast in A'dam!
Cheerrs everyone:Smile3:

This will make our lives much easier next time we go. Instead of our usual blundering stumble between coffee shops that our legs will make it to, we'll now probably not get out of the one which scores top, apart from getting to Barney's for breakfast of course.

Looking forward to it:Smile3: