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Time to prime..
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Here are my top 5 collaboration endeavours;

1> Hallucinogen Vs Protoculture (bring it on!)
2> Deedrah Vs Orion
3> Joti & Sub 6
4> Logic Bomb Vs Dimitri
5> Domestic Vs Jaia
01.Deedrah Versus Space Cat
02.Deedrah Versus Orion
03.Space Cat Versus Astrix
04.Logic Bomb Versus The Antidote
05.Prometheus Versus The Antidote

bill and ted >meets< protoculture - would have to be my favourite!

then possibily >>

klf >meets< sesto sento

OOOD >meets< Cosmosis - that would be great to hear and fun to watch!

kaliedesonic >meets< hexstatic >meets< pixelshifter >meets< pychotrop

audialize >meets< ott

OOOZE >meets< zzbing!

earthling (in the old days) >meets< system 7

On that TIP Mark;

1> Steve Hillage Vs Robert Smith
2> Eat Static Vs Ziggy Stardust
3> Enya Vs Hallucinogen
4> Daft Punk Vs Queen
5> Royksopp Vs Logic Bomb


Along these lines...

Dino Psaras Vs Depeche Mode
Skazi Vs Skinny Puppy

Sub 6 Vs Shabba ranks

Spears vs Madonna

Wow it happened! :!:

bay city rollers > meet < skazi > meet < carpenters >meet < hydrophonic

:party2: :speaker: :wizard1: :?