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Aalborg, Denmark
We all have a bunch of tracks that we love, but for some reason no-one else does... So do we have bad taste, or do everyone else?

Here's a list of some of my fav'e tracks that no-one else seem to dig...

* Holy Ghost - "Zombie Assassin"
From the brilliant Baluns compilation 'Otherwise' released back in 2001
This was pretty much the track that got me into progressive trance in the first place - The first three minutes are kinda lame, but then all hell brakes loose with the most twisted, shifting, floating progressive sounds... I will NEVER get tired of this track, and to this day it remains one of my all time fav'e proggy tunes... I really dig that stereo-effect this track has... If I become a DJ one day, THIS will be my signature-track! Chekkit!

* Deflo - "Tio Mate"
From the old-school Matsuri compilation 'Resonance Mood' from 1997
Oh fuck, that acid-squelch-o-rama bit that starts @ 3'39 is just pure bliss... Sends shivers down my spine!

* Electric Universe - "Spectral Blue"
From the otherwise kinda crappy EU album 'Waves' from 1998
This has nostalgic value to me... I was living in London in 1999 and had an amazing girlfriend, Sara, and she bought me this album just because of one little thing I really liked... The KICK-ASS break @ 4'27!... Funky!

* Shiva Sidpao - "Shiva Devotional"
From the lo-fi, pre-Infected album 'Shiva Sidpao - The Album'
I've heard it's all put together in Impulse Tracker - and admittedly, it's a pretty simple track, but DAMN there's just something too it... Those twisted build-up/breaks... Yummy! It's also my on/off goa-head friends fav'e track, so I must have listened to this well over a hundred times...

* Tim Schuldt - "Orange Acid"
From Tim's greatest hits compilation 'Singles Collection' released in 2000
Highly melodic, this is pretty much a departure from Tim's usual, darker approach to psy-trance... But I really dig this - although it's so simple, it always leaves a big old smile on my face when I listen to it...

* The Infinity Project - Hyperspaced
From the EXCELLENT album 'Feeling Weird' from 1995
Calling this over-looked is perhaps an overstatement, but my experience tells me, that when people have to mention best tracks by TIP, this is rarely mentioned... Well, it's my fav'e track - I luv the sample in the intro 'Yes, the world at large is fascinated with so called flying saucers. However, they do not fly, they oscilate in between dimensions.' - and then the flaring acid-riff... Sweet!

* X-Dream - "Eleven" (Original mix mind you, not the 11 PM mix)
From the album 'We Created Our Own Happiness' released in 1997
The track itself is fairly boring 'cept from that smashing part @ 7'53 - when played at high volume, it'll knock you off your feet...

* Zodiac Youth - "Cartographers Of The Universe"
From the bashed Dragonfly compilation 'Order Odonata 5' from 2000
Again, it's one little thing that makes me really like this track... And that's the voice-sample that is among the best I've ever heard in a psy-track: 'The cartographers of the universe. They're (...). They're star-charged. How far does it go? Does time have an end? My personal theory is that everything is happening all the time. We're just not smart enough to see it, that's all!' ... Very well-crafted sample and very well-fitting for the track!

* Scatterbrain - "Mexican Jesus"
From the brilliant 2003 album 'Infernal Angel' released by Digital Psionics
I cannot praise this track enough... Here's what I wrote earlier this year when I reviewed 'Infernal Angel':

  • This was the first track I heard from the album in the autumn of 2003, and I was completely awestruck back then – and I still am… A psy track that focussed mainly on voice-samples. In fact, half of the track is a guy talking about drugs. Smells like cheddar? Well, you’re wrong. This track is amazing – the long bits of dialog carries the track to a higher level, and this baby will stay with you for a long time!

    This is a story track. About a guy blown away on ayahuasca who meets the Mexican Jesus, butt naked in the middle of the Yellowstone National Park. Here’s a transcript of some of the lyrics:

    â€Genetic material getting changed before your eyes. Man, people think they know about drugs, but... That ain't a drug, it's a sacrament. It's just a portal to another world. It's realities that are always there. A key to other dimensions […] That we live with them all the time. Thankfully our awareness never touches... […] How would I describe it? Terrifying. Enlightening. But utterly terrifying. You swear you'll never go back. Ever. And the next thing you know, you're taking it again. You're going down that tunnel.â€

    Yes, I keep going down that tunnel again… I can’t stop listening to this track. It’s just so damn hypnotizing! I love it! [For a full transcript, check Psychedelic Mind Expander – I’ve submitted the full lyrics there!]
That's it for now... I have more tracks, but frankly I can't be bothered writing any more... But comment on these tracks are more than welcome... Perhaps, I'm not the only one who likes them?

And what are YOUR top 3-5-10-50 overlooked tracks?


Love these threads.. Great for any lovers of good tuneage to catch up on back cat..
Alot of old(er) stuff is still very contemporary due mainly to the excessive crap on the shelves that any kid can knock up.. *moan*

1. Orb Warning - Logic Bomb - Spiral Traxx

Such a deep, groovy, psychedelic and outright adventurous track on the Headware album. In fact I'd say the whole album was massively overlooked...

2. Psycraft - Dream on - Hom Mega

An awesome track composed of full-on searing dance drives and THE pink Flloyd sample of the decade - close behind gitaurminators Some Wish... On the old album, it stirrs some very nostalgic emotions.. Musical and very beautiful.. this track is one that will last and last. Marvellously Psy-Crafted. Epitamy you might say..

3. Yahel - 'S' is Here - Hom Mega

Strange name. Out on the Adrenaline comp #1 (Hom-mega) this simple but strong track delivers the biggest yet subtlest buildup that leaves the vast expanse of dusty dance-floors levitating 2" from the floor. A clever and forward thinking track with impeccable production and a timeless motion that sees any pre-emptive dancer eat their shoes... :? :Grin:

4. Double Dragon - Dice

Along with Spiked, this tune add some seriously (yes I'm serious) psychoactice atmospheres to any dancefloor. Out doors, I've seen these tracks rile some real collective energies within which everyone can learn to swim. Thick walls of sound pervade the conscioussness and begin to beckon forth primal needs to stomp. One more time now... Such a glorious and energised story of motion and matter... :wub:

5. Logic Bomb - Vector

On the old Inca-Nations CD, this fucking bender of a tune is class "a" for acidic. The leads in this will have you chew tongue and scratch your eyes out.. Dark? Dark as olives... Such killer big-rig-shizzle-dizzle you had better be sure what your doing if you ever drop this one. Your friends may think your a case for concern. This track catapolts you into orbit - with no return ticket. Watch out for my psy-circus remix* at Dr. Love's flashback gig... :Wink3: *Precisely because I think it was overlooked and underplayed..

6. Panick - Timeflash - Hom Mega

I seem to have missed these tracks in many DJ sets and can't understand why. This guys sound is as about as psychoactive as it gets... Fucking mah-husive production and an outstanding 'feel' for atmospheric asides that distract you momentarily from the impending drops.. HUGE HUGE HUGE.. the Album has about 4 killers on it too.. Not seen much since though..

7. Cosma Vz Domestic - X-Port - BNE

Forget it. If you don't know this track. You don't know shit. One of the most incredible tracks procuced by the scene. EVER. Imo. It sees clarity through fog and sears effortlessly over the shores of Zion into the heart of the Eagle. Or something. On the U.F.S comp. this tune is momentus. It's sending shivers down my spine as I type.. It's got everything. It's sinister lead/stab/melodies are impeccable (along the lines of an old COP tune El Nino) and menacing until the grace of Cosma's looming air-strings take hold. Soo goddamn atmospheric, it deserves a music video... Beautiful. To think I had the pleasure of sharing a line-up with the Guy. Thanks Yolanda, I won't forget that one! Purest magic.

8. Tromesa - Owig Weg - Spiral Trax

Anti diddn't half spot a biggie here! F**k me, this mah-husive tune is a glorious outdoor forest-fest with more high-riding groove than a bondai-beach-babe's-butch-bum-boyfriend... BIG mo' Fo' rolling bassline to die for - Such an open sound - hardly done any justice in a London squalid party - might be why it's gone unnoticed. Like to hear your thoughts.. There's this one bit where a poisonus squeel actually comes out of the speaker and pokes you up the ass! :wizard1:


9. Rolling Stones - Miss you - Virgin Records

The Stones fully declared credibility in the dance circuit without sacrificing their hard-rock reputation. What more do you need to say. This tune is sooo Phuckin Phat - A raw steak would barely make do for dessert! Try playing this loud and you'll see what I mean. Beautiful. Pumping. NOT psychedelic though.. Ooops! :huh:

10. Red House - Jimmi Hendrix - Yellow Trip recs

Such a sexy tune. The drop from the opening licks just gets me every time. I dropped it half way through a house set in Le Equipe - Oxford St to 400 odd.. Went down a treat. Such proximity. Very engaging and most of all... Nostalgic.. Mmmm



DeathPosture said:
We all have a bunch of tracks that we love, but for some reason no-one else does... So do we have bad taste, or do everyone else?

* Deflo - "Tio Mate"
From the old-school Matsuri compilation 'Resonance Mood' from 1997
Oh fuck, that acid-squelch-o-rama bit that starts @ 3'39 is just pure bliss... Sends shivers down my spine!

hey man i used to love this tune as well! the moment it says "oh yes we will" and then just kicks.. love it!
Here's a random shortlist of tracks which are special to me, perhaps not so to others....

1. Time Code - xeRox - Hommega

Off the Frequency Drive album, it's fantastic! Typical Israeli/Hommega tune. Atmospheric, deep, trippy/powerful. I've had many a good time on this tune.

2. Which One - Dual Head vs. Wrecked Machines - Com.pact

Opening track from Think Sync. Fuck me sideways Played to perfection at 'ole Astral Phoenix party, my first acid/psy experience. Exactly what i was looking for!! Again powerfully psychedelic/atmospheric, a jaw grinding stomper.

3. 2 Room - Safi Connection - Pagoda

From Liaison comp. I absolutely love this tune. Great sound, leaves me feeling euphoric always

4. Secret - Alien Project - TIP

Shite album :Smile3: Not a touch on previous releases but track 7 is a belter. I don't need any drugs to get on a level with this dance number. The emotion of the track is just so happy, the sample perfect. Trippy voices, forest rejoices, bouncy-wouncy, wanna share this secret with the world :rolleyes:

5. Magnetic - Alien Project & Astrix - Phonokol

I must have been on the psy bandwagon for a short time when i first heard this. Clean, smooth, funky and totally atmospheric. It grabbed me and i played and re-played it. One of my earliest acid experiences so i remember this track fondly.

that'll do for now :Grin: my tastes may be frowned upon, but who cares, talk to the hand :punk:

You rock Vic,

The second track is a fucking bender of a tune. Deep in my metal rectum.

(Did I just say that and does it mean anything?? :crazy:Smile3:

Delta - Thing (somebloddyrecordlabelprobablynovatekkorddrum)

belter. absolute corker. dark dark dark. baby's cry echos into the vaulted cavern then slice n dice percussion before a heavy as satan's knackers bassline and spooky melodic hooks. guarenteed :Grin:

Zaven said:
6. Panick - Timeflash - Hom Mega[/b]

I seem to have missed these tracks in many DJ sets and can't understand why. This guys sound is as about as psychoactive as it gets... Fucking mah-husive production and an outstanding 'feel' for atmospheric asides that distract you momentarily from the impending drops.. HUGE HUGE HUGE.. the Album has about 4 killers on it too.. Not seen much since though..

mate i couldnt agree more! this guy is on it in a big way. its soo much fresher than most of the crap around at the moment! Pretty much my main musical influence at the mo. theres just so much space in all the tunes! i still cant resist dropping at least one of the tunes from the album whenever i play! i too cant understand why it hasnt been rinsed more on the dancefloor? am wanting some new stuff from him though!


Just a couple from me

Snake Thing - Blizzard of Ooze - TIP Beyond Colour
Not-quite-breakbeaty funky assed trance with some totally mad noises and a relentless drive. The variety and sheer groovyness of this tune always hits the spot for me...

Darshan - Electroplasm- Awakening
Starts off with big epic chords and that 'the mind is a labyrinth' sample before this HEEEEEYOOOOOGE chunky line and the kick come in, and Darshans trademark intricate hi-hat grooves. Just epic and bangin and they don't make 'em like this any more.
Totally know what you mean about Panick... His Sound is Well different and future, Psysex's protoge init. Best kept secret!! shhh
Retrodelic Baby


I have just spent a good time reading all your comments over the last thread...damn cool to see so many wicked retro tuneage being throw around..I have to say the two artists that will always rock my world were Darshan on Flying Rhino Records, and the first time I heard the 'Beyond the Infinite' album by Juno Reactor under the influence of a certain fungus, really bent by sideways in joy.

All I can say is bring on the flashbacks!!

Darshan - beer-swilling dope heads... Some killer gig's way back though..

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