as tribute to watching AVP tonight :P

cant really do writing between the pictures dont know how but (not in order)
1. alien (1)
best bit for me was emergence from stomach
also found picture of that bloody cat - grrrr - kinda sums up how i fell about them tho!!
oh and the marvelous android
and as for the acid blood when they cut off the aliens finger wow!!

2. predator

3. the hellraiser guys
pinhead and chatterer
oh the joy of being called a cenobite by my boyf
or him describing what id be like if i was one (twirling eyes :dancey:Smile3:
and possibly guring like chatterter - nice hey
come to uncle frank frank :wub:

4. a fluffy pic from event horizon

5. wacko

6. who can forget the shocking images fron req for a dream - infected arms and that poor mother having elec shock treatment
(i'll stick with jen)

7. booby alien
8. strange tree
9. dog and cat :wub:

any more nasty pics gratefully received!
havent seen any more alien (aliens cant wait) or candyman which i guess are serious ommisons

*back to work*

Micheal Jackson's Thriller video, number 1!! :crazy: :P

Can't forget 'ole Freddy Kreuger

JAWS 'cos when that head popped out beneath the water i shat it!!

The Excorcist 'cos that green bitch freaked me out summin chronic

Pinhead, 'cos he's been in my nightmares ever since...

Alien vs Ripley

Can't forget Halloween as the music still haunts me today...

Evil Chucky

:crazy: :ph34r: :sob: :huh: :crazy: