Top 10 Top Ten albums and comps of this year !!!!!!!!


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Here is what i have been playing off this year so far hope you like it :no:

not in any order :?


Neurology= neurobiotic
amber = maia
All Syestems go= expousure productions
Wingmakers = drangonfly
The Usual Supects =Solistice
Playground = Iboga
v/a Ground grooves =- tatsu
Listen To me Loud = pukka music
Trance scandinavian Express = Turbo Trance
XXL = Spun
Monrichie 5 = ZMA
Perception= Harmoina records


Setherian= Multiverse
Vatos Locos = attack anr release
Silent Sphere= Dance
Soul Sufer = Sufers Paradise
Freq= Strange Attractors
Tikal= Ritual Cycle
Hydrophonics= Aquabatics
Xerox = Temporay Insanity
Graps of WRATH = TiTs on FiRe :mad:

SO MUCH MORE BUY HEY :tongue1: :tongue1:
These were some of my favourite psy cd's for 2004..... :?


Neo:Robotics - Neurobiotic
Beaches and Cream - Dragonfly
Moonkeys - Moon Spirit
Waves From Ibiza Vol 2 - MP Recs
Ancient Future - Enzyme
Wind Up - Nano
Playground - Iboga
Wingmakers - Dragonfly
Natural Selection - Nano
Evolution - Third Eye
Neurology - Neurobiotic


Hydrophonic - Aquabatics (Nano)
Talpa - The Art of being non (Sundance)
Quadra - Serotonina (Solstice)
Vatos Locos - Attack and Release (Dragonfly)
Pixel - Reality Strikes Back (Hommega)
Sirius Isness - Resolution of Duality (Moon Spirit Records)
FREq - Strange Attractors (Iboga)
Prometheus - Robot-O-Chan (Twisted)
Bio-Tonic - Divina (Solstice)
Xerox +Illumination - Temporary Insanity (Hommega)
Grapes of Wrath & Meteloids - Tits on Fire (Parvati)

Summin like that anyway :Grin: S'bin a good year :jump: :tongue1:


This is propably not your cup of acid, but if you like melodic waves to dance your self into trance to, this is the thing :Smile3:

Comps :

A Day After (ZMA)

Scandinavian Trance Express (Turbo Trance)

Pure Bliss (Tatsu)

SoulSeeker 1 (Midijum - Records)

Set3 (Iboga)

Groove Zone (Groove Zone)

Fundamental Progression (AP Recs)

Playground (Iboga)

Pumping Drops (Sinn-Tec))

Day Time (Sub Machine)

Albums :

Atmos - 2nd Brigade (SPIRAL TRAX RECORDS)

Human Blue - Electroluex (SPIRAL TRAX RECORDS)

Andromeda - Temptations (YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION)

Chromosome - The Genome Project (YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION)

Higher Human Form - Neurohighways (ZILLION MENTAL ANARCHIC)

FREq - Strange Attractors (IBOGA RECORDS)

Soul Surfer - Surfers Paradise (YELLOW SUNSHINE EXPLOSION)

Auricular - Time (PLUSQUAM RECORDS)

Frogacult - Something For Sundays (IBOGA RECORDS)

12 Moons - Solid State (CANDYFLIP RECORDS)

:sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:


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a nice morin selection brigada :cool:

12 moons very nice lovein the album :tongue1: :tongue1:

soulseeker 1 never got round to buing it the new one looks great coming out soon :Wink3:


top ten albums

1.)whizzynoise- stero electric
2.)sonkite- colours
3.)psycraft-new moves
4.)analog pussy- trance n roll
5.)rinkadink- rabbit from darkside
6.)beat bizzare- pandora's groove box
7.)atmos- 2nd brigade
8.)bizzare contact- plastic fantastic
9)xerox and illumination- temporary insanity
10)infected mushroom- I'm the supervisor

most improved sound goes to whizzy noise who nowdays sound phatter than the old man on the back porch in the rocking chair.


DeathPosture picks for 2004

Juno Reactor - Labyrinth (Metropolis)
Kukan Dub-lagan - Life Is Nice (Candyflip)
Luomuhappo - Pog-o-Matic Pogomen 3000000 (Freakdance)
12 Moons - Solid State (Candyflip)
V/A - Schizm (Gi'iwa Productions)

The Misted Muppet - From The Legend (Trancelucent)
Filteria - Sky Input (Suntrip Records)
Phi - Phinalizer (ELF Music)
Rinkadink - Rabbit From Darkside (Alchemy Records)
Xatrik - Project A (Digial Psionics)
Prometheus - Robot-O-Chan (Twisted)
Setherian - Multiverse (Glowing Flame)
V/A - After Ten Years Of Japanese Trance (ELF Music)
V/A - All Systems Go (Exposure Productions)
V/A - Psionic Storm (Digital Psionics)
V/A - Psyonic Earth (Digital Psionics)
V/A - UK Trance (Transient)

Charasmatix - Abracadabra (Candyflip)
Digital Talk - New Age Surf (Acidance)
Grapes Of Wrath & Meteloids - Tits On Fire (Parvati)
Overlap - 6th Sense (ZMA)
V/A - Ignis Fatuus (Trishula Records)
V/A - Peacemaker (Ketuh Records)
V/A - Sonic Pantomime (Ketuh Records)
V/A - Peaking In Tongues (Peak Records)
V/A - Psychedelically Yours Vol. 2 (Parvarti)

FREq - Strange Attractors (Iboga)
Kooler - Open (Kamaflage)
Son Kite - Colours (Digital Structures)
Krüger & Coyle - Randy Expander (ACDC)
Saiko Pod + Phutureremixes (ACDC)
Buzzmonx - Toms'n'Jerry (Plusquam)
Atmos - 2nd. Brigade (Spiral Trax)
Sensifeel - Vision of Life (Domo Records)
Etic - Touchups (Trancelucent)

Aes Dana - Memory Shell (Ultimae)
H.U.V.A. Network - Distances (Ultimae)
Kaya Project - Walking Through (Interchill)
Healer - Higher Grounds (Candyflip)
V/A - Natural Born Chillers (Aleph Zero)
V/A - Schlabbaduerst 006 (Schlabbaduerst ReKkords)

Son Kite - On Air Remixes (Digital Structures)
Son Kite - Colours Remixes (Digital Structures)
Wizzy Noise - The Time Lime Remixes (Candyflip)
Frogacult - All Seasons Remixes (Iboga)
Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson - Ra He'ya (HOM-Mega Productions)