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as usual, in no particular order, mines is -

shooter video games ( like DoDonPachi Daioujou )

entheogens and psychedelics

trance music

various types of house music

drum and bass

various types of techno

mech - anything mech, Gundam line art, Transformers, Geogaigar,

can art, flyer art

computer graphics and math art DVDs to music

organic juices and cool foods like those

( basicly the same stuff I have liked for my whole life, altho' of course I didn't always have access to all of them )
1 sex
2 festivals
3 music
4 connections
5 laughing
6 sex
7 orange juice :dito:
8 tea
9 sex
10 festivals
1. Reading (all sorts, books, magazines, articles)
2. Writing (fiction)
3. Music (many genres, primarily psytrance & swing)
4. Walking/hiking
5. Loving
6. Emotive films
7. Beautiful locations
8. Deep platonic friendships
9. Family
10. Big dinners with lots of interesting people round the table and amazing food.

1. Smiling n laughing
2. Love
3. Chatting
4. Dancing
5. Walking
6. Friends
7. Places that give me a sence of happiness, like a buzzing smile inside.
8. Spinning fire round my head
9. the sea
10. Forests
11. learning
1. tea n coffee
2. charas
3. dancing
4. trees
5. psy-trance
6. really hot salsa
7. plasma tv
8. fizzy cola bottles
9. LGP
10. Glade

bloody hell, i just read mine from ages ago - phwoar, what a sensitive catch i am :Wink3:
Oooh ooh my turn

1. telephones
2. badgers
3. The undersea world of Jaques Cousteau
4. Tax
5. rubber
6. People called Geoffrey
7. My left index finger
8. That particular shade of light blue
9. Smells
10. The number 9
swedish girls
recreational pharmeceuticals
tottenham hotspur

(no particular order :Wink3:)
having a bath then going to bed in clean sheets
slurping the yogurt from the inside of the lid
when a cat tries to jump somewhere but misjudges it
floating in the sea for half an hour and then having a cigarette
having your camera with you and seeing something worth taking a photo of
getting sent free tunes in exchange for writing nonsense
butters out of south park
cold beer on a hot day
warm beer on a cold day
australian women
Ohh and getting dizzy by spinning round lots!
Found it is a great way of spending time when im trying to work!!
Just better not fall into niks decks!!
and again in random order

music of course
playing chess
eating out
my cats Lola& Amelie