Top 10 top ten current psy trance tunes


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1. Miraculix - Stop Them

2. Rinkadink vs Shane Gobi - Trip The Switch

3. In R Voice - Resonance

4. Zerotonine - Drunken Flower

5. Rinkadink - Rippin Lapps (Flamin Hoons Mix)

6. The Nommos - Mountains Of The Moon

7. Miraculix - Energise

8. Psychotic Micro vs Exaile - La Putana

9. Zerotonine - Bolin & Stompin

10. Vasya Psykovsky - Kookaburra

If anyone else is into similar sort of stuff, do you reckon you could give me a few names, coz I'm stuck in a bit of a rut, always listen to the same artists, and i'm well up for getting some new stuff, cheers :silly:
These are pretty old right?! I've seen Dennis (In R Voice) has got a new album comp thingy. I suggest you have a look-see. Come to think of it, he can pay me back the £50 he owes me. :mad:

*go's to call Dennis*

Otherwise, I don't really like your selection so I can't advise.


Safe though.

Unhinged on Last Possible Solution -- best kept secret :Wink3:

Thanks Red,


..And HEEeeeeeave!

:sad: :crazy: :o :silly:

I'm a bit of a twat for saying that really. Don't let me get away with it. Afterall Forum's are For, um...


I like Hawkwind!