Top 10 Top ten forum browsing positions


marathon solo-sessionahoy
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1) weekday morning when you get up late and log on to see what earlymorn chat youve missed
2) before you get dressed and are in the nude
3) before you go out to a party to check watsup
4) sunday morn on coming back from a party to be first to post on wkend adventures
5) stepping out the shower logging on in underwear to catchup before going out
6) that hardcore all-nighter when your up late working or cant get to sleep and go on at 3 in the morn to see what other psycho's up with you
7) when your looking for porn and while your waiting for it to load think 'sod it' and check up to see whats on and get extra kicks from the dirty posts
8) when you are at a mates house and are bored so take a cheeky log on while she/hes off getting food/drinks
9) on a laptop on the loo - wifi stylee
10) after sex when your feeling da (wo)man and log on to make some power-euphoric posts and say something badass in your afterglow glory

think that just about covers it :Wink3:

*not that ive experienced all of these but id imagine some of them would be fun were i to :unsure: