Top 10 Top Ten Off The Glade Compilation Tape


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made a compilation to stick in the van for the drive up to glade
this is what powered us there:

01 Nomad Albavoce
02 Talamasca Unknown
03 Altom The Code
04 AMD Quantum Accelerator
05 Psysex Space Quest
06 Deedrah Strike Sonic Gold
07 Joti Sidhu Synthetic Telepathy
08 Tikal Audio Energizer
09 Silicon Sound Smooth Out
10 Bamboo Forest Retrig

made a more chilled tape for those other moments:

01 Crunchy Punch Innersphere
02 Bamboo Forest The Walk
03 Triptych One Shot
04 Orion Ocean Of Colours
05 Tikal Canicule
06 Younger Brother Weird On A Monday Night
07 Prometheus Robot O Chan
08 Quick Sand Way Out
09 Altom Beat Breakers
10 Tikal Horn Travel
not bad, not so much a top 10 but mine consisted of the hydrophonic, polaris and rinkadink albums! (there and Back)
And now im on to it, the way back was tops , i decided it would be cool to brew a bag a shrooms to drive home on, and my god that journey at 8pm sunday nite was absolute bliss. The sun setting on shrooms in a car with phatt system (on m4 which is a nice open moterway), smilee face and more nice music! :Grin:
thanks for reminding me of that moment geoffwiffen