Top 10 Top ten psy albums to kiss and cuddle to


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So its a summery evening and your sitting on your couch with beloved partner and you feel like a little intimacy before bedtime so which ten psy-albums would you play to have a li'l romance to?

(ok, i know romance and psy dont necessarily go together but im sure you can think of something :Wink3: hint: probably not parasense :P)

i think so far:
1) protoculture - refractions
2) sirius issness - resolution of quality
3) astrix - eye to eye
4) shpongle - tales of the inexpressible (not strictly psy i know but its pretty immense and takes you up and down very well)
josh said:
i think so far:
1) protoculture - refractions
2) sirius issness - resolution of quality
3) astrix - eye to eye
Fuck the romance! I'd be up and dancing to that lot!
:jump: :bananada: :jump:

(Altom - Hologram could be a good'n :Wink3: )
cannibal corspe - Hammer Smashed Face..

oh, sorry, wrong thread
1. VA - Sally Doolallys Blank Expressions
2. Twisted System - The Feelers
3. The Misted Muppet - From the Leg Up
4. Rinkyourdink - Rampant Rabbit from the Darkside
5. Void - Punishment (whips'n'handcuffs rmx)
6. Digital Talk - New Age Turf
7. Logic Bomb - My head! Where?
8. Talamasce - Laid in Pants
9. Time Lock - 10 Seconds Away
10.Miraculix - I've Arrived

josh said:
2) sirius issness - resolution of quality

4) shpongle - tales of the inexpressible

Surely Psychedelic Love Stories should be included :Wink3: quality? :lol: that's duality
I'm sure Sphongle is fairly psychedelic :?

If i play too much psy then Anita gets a headache.... therefore i get no head :hehe: so i won't put up my list :tongue1: :lol:

1) Tikal - Ritual Glance
2) Freq - Strange Attractors
3) Eskimo - Can I pick you up?
4) Sub6 - I need Love Thongs
5) VA - Plan a merry sexodus
6) Human Goo - Electrosux
7) VA - Crave a Lotion? Reloaded
8) Genital Spin - On Off On Off On Off (faster harder rmx)
9) VA - Influx Jisms'
10) VA - Final Fantasy

MORE :Grin:

Atmos - Sex'n'Bridget
BioTonic - Off your Rocks
Juvenile - A Mans' Teen Dream
VA - Amazonian Women
CPU - C.U.P. (golden shower rmx)
Ass Tricks - Eye from Fly
Absolum - Inside the old dear
VA - Doppler FuX
VA - All Systems Flow
Crunchy Punch - Maximum Velocity
Bamboo Forest - Wam Bam Boo Forest
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Choppa! Purest Genium!

Wam Bam-boo forest!

Allmost a little TOO revealing chop-chop... Hmmgh Hmmgh Nnngh Rrrgh Lllllllgh MmmMm Mm M?


running a little short of albums now (done 31).... might have to move onto individual tracks :P
or you could stick to the nature of the thread as intended and put down genuine ones? :P
well personally there really is no romance for me in psytrance... so same as the dancing goes for me you can either have Al Green and Romance oooooor
Psytrance and dirty SEX! :o
this is very possibly true - i was just in a soppy mood at the time of writing :wub: :P

but i think happy/cheesy trancy melodies work pretty well in stirring amorous feeling :Smile3: