Top 10 Top Ten Things To Do Whilst NOT at Boom...


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Countdown to Brizzle !
1. frequently check portugese weather reports for signs of rain
2. carry out ritualistic rain dances
3. loot houses of those who are away
4. discuss how wicked glade was and how boom will be full of stinky europeans and therefore pants
5. Stick sand/course material in beds of folks at boom to really agitate that sunburn on their return
6. Visit tanning centre, buy some more beads and foreign t-shirts then tell ur returning friends that u decided to go in the end but couldnt find them anywhere because u were too busy backstage getting blatted with Pmac from ketuh records discussing which stage u would be playing at at the next one.
7. repeatedly watch "final destination" whilst setting voodoo dolls alight and throwing out top storey window
8. Call customs and give them a list of 'people (on flights xyz) who are attempting to smuggle 3billion euros worth of narcotics to portugal'
9. Hire a soundsystem, invite other non-boomers round, phone pete tong and host BoomLands2004 in ur back garden.
10. ...cry... ;(

Spookily enough, Marc, I have seriously considered quite a few of those.

But I have issues.
D'oh!! :?

Aww, we can't be wishing the worst for our brothers & sisters partying hard at Boom. Good luck to them, may they all have a killer time :partysmi: hope it's a success

What will i be getting up to during Boom......???

1. Spending quality time with the wifey :Wink3:
2. Smoking bare skunk/charas :?
3. Taking anita out to a concert :wub:
4. hallucinogenically hittin the acid monkey party this saturday and seeing if i can "feel" the others partying miles away....
5. talking to myself on the forum :unsure:
6. sending myself PM's to make it seem like i've been getting messages this week :hehe:
7. Preparing for my trip to Atlanta next week :Smile3:
8. Ironing :mad:
9. Listening to my psy cd's closed eye pretending i'm somewhere in Portugal :punk:
10. Cooking sausages :rolleyes:
You're right, psychedelvic :Smile3:.

[unsuitable rant about a particular person deleted by Protomoto...]

I hope everyone else has the party of their lives. :Smile3: :tongue1:

Aye clearly I was joking and am in no way currently looting jp's pc music setup ;P

I do hope everyone there has a good time ... Im just not gonna stop hearing about it for I-dont-know-how-long ... ahh well only fair I guess seeing as we put josh thru a good few weeks of it for glade !! :/

read the 'top 10 things i say to my cat' thread because it is the best :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:
go to full moon party in thailand :P
1. start my new art course which will turn my life around hopefully.

2. enjoy spending lots of time with the love of my life

3.go to the car boot sale with aforementioned person and pick up loads of crazy stuff from all the insane people who have stalls there...

4. listen to psy-trance

5. Go on this now decidedly empty forum

6. think about alton towers alot

7. learn to drive

8. try to cheer up a bit

9. send happy thoughts to the boomers

10. stuff myself with junk food.
1) Funnily enough trying my best at avoiding gazing at the (lovely indeed) full moon cause it reminded me that for the past week I could have been reveling under the stars dancing as a loon amongst the fluffiest of crowds, while encircled by dearest of friends, instead of simply being stranded at work with no holidays and not enough parties under my belt.

2) Avoiding the forum cause it reminded me of the moon

But have no illusions, I was taking stealthy glances and dreamin as we all in a unision of cacophony


1) this ones a secret
2) sit
3) drink tea
4) eat cake
5) put on anorak n go shroom picking
6) have more conversations with myself
7) think about things that are lovley
8) sleep n dream
9) have a barf
10) roam about (apparently aimlessley)

11) learn one of the Worlds many languages