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I recently came across this in my collection...i know that dino psaras is tortured brain but i do not know who steriliser is. i saw dino play live one time and he tore the place apart- 160bpm tek-trance and he dropped his sweet dreams psy-remix of his at the end. my friend and i were mental at that point and starting diving through hoops on the side of the dancefloor!

anyway i forgot how badass that track is!!! there is this sample in the beginning from the movie blow i think, it goes like "i can step all over this shit and still get $100 a gram, and i've got 220 pounds of it!"

It's on Kiss the Future 2- check it out. :bananada:


nasty track........dirty , intense , raw hehehehe.
a mate of mine fookin loves it, he's not a psy fan but loves this track, he's a bit twisted tho :Grin:
Yeah! Great track! Very obscure!
Amazing comp btw!
April Fools/Anaconda was a great 12"

Mind hunter Ft. Tim Schuldt was the killer though..

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It's an awesome track really heavy loadsa attitude when it kicks in it rips, I used to play it in a disturbing psy set after some fluffy trance Djz... Some liked it, some hated it hahaha