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An eight years old kid is playing with his toy train in the living room, noisy simulating all train sounds to the annoyance of his mother in the kitchen.

Train stops.Kid declares in a loud voice:

"We have reached the station. All twats that want to disembark this is the fucking time; as for the rest of degenerate cunts that want to embark we won't wait for you creeps long".

Mom upon hearing this, runs from the kitchen, goes furiously to the kid, slaps him hard and grounds him onto his bedroom for the next couple of hours till he starts behaving better and speaking properly.

After two hours, kid sullenly walks out of his room, goes to the living room and starts playing again with his trains. Train stops again. Kid goes:

"Ladies & Gentlemen we have reached the station. Thank you for travelling with us and please do not forget your luggage as the train will leave shortly. We would also like to take the chance of welcoming all new passengers abroad and wish them a pleasant journey. If you want to fill in a complaint for the two hours delay please do address to that bitch in the kitchen".