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Ok this is the second trance mix i've done sofar... Im uploading the first one atm - sorry for posting them in the wrong order!

This started off being a chill out mix but somewhere in the middle things went west and it got a bit more upbeat and frantic... I stopped working on this mix after 45 mins or so because i wasn't too keen on the direction it was going and also i wanted to do the infected mushroom mix (which i have posted also). I must say i like some of the tracks on this mix though, altho im not sure the full title on one of the songs... maybe someone can tell me :Wink3:

Anyway feel free to listen to it if you want, its something to do :P

Trance Mix 2

Bamboo Forest : The Walk
Infected Mushroom : Jeenge
Infected Mushroom : Ballerium
Astrix : Freestyle Cafe
Infected Mushroom : Elevation
Slinky Wizards : Wizard
Spectral : Moonstone
Sesto Sento : Getting Fused
X-Dream : Psychomachine
??? : Alienated
Underworld : Moaner
yeah i didnt like that tune on that mix either... thats why i stopped making the mix....

its not like i dislike underworld, it just doesnt sound right on there

thanks for replying :Smile3: