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I like transient but think this is a pretty pants cd, me and sally must have very different taste!!

- it starts of with tristan vs mmm, not bad, and i like the combination of the 2 (esp the remix on nano!!) but this is not their best
- next is ninja, disappointing - ears were in pain
- then moon (aphid) vs hydrophonic - quite cool in parts with a good bassline in places but then some noises that just make it sound pretty bad, with good ones could have been excellent
- then comes chromozome :wub: my favorite track of the cd and a really good one as chromosome goes too!! aaaaaaagh yum... it's got a really good kick and summery guitar (horrors - me not fan) BUT it sounds really really good!! yey yey yey!! love them
- next is safi connection - quite a summer track in the beginning but then it went ear hurting and skip was pressed
- bus - this ones about guitars and a sad and surprising lack of slickness
- chemical drive - israely
- planet ben - pressed skip, gone are the scleifer days
- blue lunar monkey - can't remember

sadly the slickness that brings a smile and a wiggle is lacking here for me
havent pressed skip so many times in a long time!! 2nd chance will be granted but have a huge pile to get through first phew! mght end up forgotten...
sure the masses may love it, and me if i'm rinsed :?, but the only ones i liked were 1 (tr mmm) and chromosome mmmmmmm :lol:
Heard the samples and they sounded a bit ummm dated imo.... maybe just not my taste.... The Safi Connection track sounded like a big confused mess not good at all, and I usually really like Safi. Maybe the sample just chose the really manic part of the track and it didn't make sense, without hearing the build up part?? I have only heard the samples though, and not the CD.

I got the nano compilation "Wind up" it's not a billion miles away in style but sounds so much better and more current, go figure hay. Iv'e got Altom to check out 2nite roll on 5 'o' clock :Smile3: :Grin:
geoffwiffen said:
I got the nano compilation "Wind up" it's not a billion miles away in style but sounds so much better and more current, go figure hay. Iv'e got Altom to check out 2nite roll on 5 'o' clock :Smile3: :Grin:
Lucky lucky man! :Smile3:
I heard the goblin..

thanks for the review, I enjoyed your tone and feel my itch to know more about this CD has been scratched.

you misunderstood me then. Need a smiley?


I liked your review. It read like a straight an honest gut feeling. I LIKE that.

canyouhearthegoblins said:
next is ninja, disappointing - ears were in pain


I actually like the ninja track with it's progressive sounds... :P
I picked it up from chaos.

errrr... well yes, I think it is a matter of taste, as in mine it's damn good!

1)Tristan and ManMadeMan - Tetrapod... Gradually increasing pulsating waves of sound with added tweaky interest! A real dance floor attractor dark and groovy, and some nicely presented melodic arguments! Good

2)Ninja - Wind Change... great for a bit of the old hypnotic dancing methinks. Off beat stabs with shaky shaky percussion. Hmmm. No me ears are enjoying it all, maybe I'm a masochist???

3)Aphid Moon & Hydrophonics - Aphidphonics (AM mix)... top notch bass wobbler insect scrabbler! A bit less hard than you may be expecting from the Aphid, but still that strange evil edge I do so like! Consistently great noises.

4)Chromosome - Final Fantasy... dreadful start. weak pad noises. right - down to business, when it gets going, it's good. The usual stabbing piercing melody, then it wafts into some mad spanish guitar dimension. well. why not??? it works, just...

5)Safi Connection - Space Navigators... Surprised to mind this on transient, should be on Acidance! Brilliant. this is a real change of gear, suddenly we're much more full on. Nothing confused about this, some ear splitting twisterbated moments, but they work fantastically. Crystal clear, smoooooth production, even when it's distorted! Best track on here so :P to the lot of you.

6)Bus - Radio Burn... Dirty, Dirty, Dirty. I like :Smile3: Very hard and full on, but not in a neo kind of way at all, really gritty dark throber :ph34r: .That clicky kick is just genius. One to get the dance floor marching me-thinks :Smile3: Build upssssss..... yes!

7)Chemical Drive - Space Fantasy... Quite a nice percussive groove when it gets going. We are back on the tried and trusted road here. The warbly womans voice is :Sad: though. I don't mind vocals, but more like Aum 3 please!!!!!!!!

8)Planet B.E.N. - Your Own Reality... I love everything about this track apart from the bass, which is just to high up! Reminds me of electric universe or SUN Project. Great track, with a real sense of fun.

9)Blue Lunar Monkey - Dance Around... Annoying cheesy sunny electric guitar trance. Best avoided, and the real weak point of the comp.
5 months later!
Jeez, i burnt this disc but never actually listened to it at all :blink: I'll check it later...