Traveling to London from Boston, MA USA in August


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Hi everyone!!

My name is Pat McAndrew. I'm a fellow trancer from Boston, MA, USA. I DJ and produce minimal psy and tekno music as well. I've been in the psy scene (NYC at first, then Boston) for about 5 years. I really love all the kids in the Boston scene, it's real small and intimate (about 60-70 people). NYC is alot bigger (used to be much bigger!!) with about 300-500 that attend parties regulary.

I'm going to be traveling to London for two weeks starting the 17th of August. I'll actually spend the weekend before the 17th in Amsterdam. I'm so psyched!! The psy-trance scene here in the eastern part of the US is pretty chill, I can't wait to experience it in the UK!!! OMFG!!!@#!@

I was wondering what happened to the old event list on Does another event list exist so I can plan to hit up some parties? I'm sure there must be some bitchin parties planned for hte summer. I would like to go to the boom fest but I really wanna stay in the UK for my vacation.

Tomorrow I'm actually going to Brooklyn to see Logic Bomb and CPU, should be alot of fun! I love NYC parties. If anyone here ever gets a chance to spend a weekend in NYC, hitup some of hte parties!! My friend Jeff Whitmore runs and that has ALL the info you need for NYC psy events.

I'll post to the forum more as time goes on. Ideally I would like to meet some kids on this forum that I can party with and/or show me the streets. I'm going to be moving here forever in alittle over a year, so this trip for me is not just for pleasure, it's more of a recon adventure :Smile3:

Thanks in advance & ta ta for now-!
:welcome: You are going to have a great time when you come, best thing is to check out what is happening closer to the time. There is always something amazing happening. You will find the UK scene very different from the US scene.

Hope you enjoy your stay on the PsyForum! :wizard1:
u should check . Usually they ve an event list updated every week. Also i d recommend u to go to Camden Town to visit Nigel @ Psychedelic Dream Temple where u ll find all the flyers for upcoming events & u ll be able to ask to the people over there about parties.

See ya around & :welcome:
pat mcandrew.. that's gotta be the coolest name ever!!! :lol:

:welcome: have some raspberries and cream!

Thanks everyone for the info & warm welcome! I found some pix online of the psychedelic dream temple- holy shit!! that place rules. a store like that (even with that name alone) in the US would be shut down in a matter of weeks!! I'm definatly gonna go back home BROKE!
Hi Pat & :welcome: - I think you'll have a great time in the UK :Wink3:

hi Pat, i'm sure you'll enjoy the schene over here, even though i'm on the periphery

if you need contacts in london let us know, there will be someone here that can help!!

nice to hear from american refusniks :ph34r: :jump: :no:
man i can already feel the rush coming on. i want to party in the uk so bad! i love you kids!!! :partysmi: