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profit of doom
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mornin.. as you may have have guessed, i provide visuals, in a kind of VJ stylee , to clubs and parties. I have a couple of video projectors (and can get my hands on more if need be..), and my laptop is loaded up with enough sweet visuals to keep me amused ad infinitum...I try to use my own designs as much as possible, and can taylor the show with any graphics/ video/ or text that come along...
I am based in brighton, and have played at most of the venues and psy trance nights around here...i have lit up stages for many of my favourite musicians and djs (system7, eatstatic, alex patterson and ltj bukem top the list)... and my dancing mushrooms made it onto the big screens on the avalon stage... so i figure my work can't be too bad.... psy parties are my natural habitat, and i am most at home in chillout environments..
have no website right now to check out my stuff, am still in the process... will post an address asap..
my email is if you want to get in touch.... (am available for weddings and bamitzva's)....