TRI-Force - Entrance to Reality (ELF Music 2005)

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A red supernova coming out from "After 10 Years of Japanese Trance"!!
Evolution of the dynamic and progressive sound is unveiled.

>>> TRI-Force - Entrance to Reality <<<

Track listing:

01. Layerd Oscillation
02. Aquasphere
03. Trance Personal Waves
04. Spectral Breeze
05. Interstellar Harmonics
06. Dream Circulation
07. Longing/Love -Moondance Remix-
08. Oncoming Oriental Transformers

included 8 tracks
Nov 2005 RELEASE!!

Release information:

TRI-Force is the solo project of Sha-A, mover and shaker in the Japanese trance scene. Japan's ELF Music is proud to announce his long awaited album. His aims to combine various musical elements, Classical music, traditional Japanese music, minimal techno, ambient music etc, through a filter of own. A magnificent view of it's world and stylish beautiful sound, TRI-Force expresses "a feeling of Trance" which Trance music itself originally has, and it is transmitted toward the world as well as Japan. Joining on the worldwidely reputed compilation "After 10 Years of Japanese Trance" with a track "Interstellar Harmonics" (is on this album, too). The dynamic and progressive track fits perfectly for opening of the compilation and gives brilliant impression on it. Also, TRI-Force joins to the compilation "Zen" by Russian Deja vu Records with the track "Day Dreaming" and the name is known abroad. Sha-A started DJing at chill out spaces mainly when he studied "relation of sound and vital reaction" at university. In 2003, joined to "Za. Uzumaki Kyoudai" which was the favored band at party. He played bamboo flute as the third son of the band, and expressed "Wabi-Sabi" feeling of traditional Japanese music on the unique and mysterious rhythmic world by eldest son Zombo and second son Ubartmar. He met Nata(didgeridoo player) when he played for "Za. Uzumaki Kyoudai" and formed a unit "NatarSha" With playing live for "NatarSha", he started composing Trance music. Since then he has frequently played at party so far and played with Israeli Dynamic, Melicia, DJ Miko etc. The huge outdoor festival "Nagisa" which was held in April this year and 10,000 people gathered there. He played with Tsuyoshi, Domino, Ubartmar, and Uni and heated the crowd. On this album, "Longing / Love" is a remix of a song by genius pianist George Winston. It is the famous song used as a commercial song of a car, but TRI-Force completed the beautiful melody to fit perfectly to the Trance track. TRI-Force has a side project called "OCOT" which is featured soft melody on House/Trance music. At the party "Magnificent" which was held at Studio Coast Ageha Tokyo in April this year, Paul van Dyk noticed TRI-Force and plans to put his track on the forthcoming Mix CD. As a Japanese track maker, TRI-Force accomplishes an exceptional achievement.
Now, Japanese Trance evolves...

File Under: Progress in Neo Trance

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