TRON (Liquid Recs, Mexico) back in the UK for the summer ~)~offering gigs!~(~


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As many of you remember, last year TRON was here for the summer and played some wicked sets around the country.

Well theres good news.... and theres GREAT news!

First off, TRON will be releasing his debut album this summer on Liquid Records. So this means he has a arsenal of new tunes for you all to check out:

Next.... TRON will be arriving back in the UK for the summer in 4 weeks !!!!! YAY.
He will be playing Synergy Project in April to start his trip off right!!

Then were off to Switzerland for the Smilinc party May 13-15 with TRON live, LiquidRoss & Rob DJing, and the Peak Recs crew.... this is a 3 day outdoor pilgrimage in the forest in Zurich. Ive posted before that UK visitors get 1/2 price tix and for 50quid RT to Zurich, thats a steal!

Glade festival is next on the list in July... and WOW we cant wait for it !!!!!!

Back to Switzerland in August for the Zurich Street Parade, Zurichs answer to the Berlin Love Parade with hundreds of thousands of ppl in the street.... followed by ZOOM festival !!! :Smile3:

We are hoping to fill in between these dates with some more local gigs for TRON and let you guys hear what hes been up to in the studio since he last was here.
This is a chance for you to have a excellent International Live Act for much less than you would normally expect.... and a chance for you to have a preview of his upcoming CD release ! Believe me, you will NOT be disappointed ;-)

If you are interested in having Tron play either a party or even your club night, give me a shout and well sort something out for you !!!

Look forward to seeing you on dancefloors around the UK......




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Hey guys :Smile3:

Just wanted to give you lot an update...... Trons summer has booked up quite quickly, and more ppl from outside UK are asking..... if any of you do want to have him play... or are even thinking about it... please let me know asap because theres not much more space left in May-July !!!!!!!

Ill keep you all posted on dates to catch him throughout the summer




Direct DJ
Just checking the samples now Robin... Sounding good! a smart blend between fast and thoughtful...
Liking "Distract" and "Buckethead" lots... roll on an album hey. Say Hi to Rob for me! :Wink3:


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
i'm just havin a proper listen to tron for the first time now, round at rob trick-silly's house

fuckin awesome mate. direct, avin it, but smoother than Cromasome eating a Galaxy on Silk Sheets/

nuff respeck!!