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Hello, if anyone would like some tuition on Cubase SX/VST, Logic, Nuendo, Wavelab, Reason etc...

I can give you some. At your gaff. Or your drum even, tho I dont do much hip-hop these days.

Learn about recording, post-production, mastering, and general production skills.

I can't teach you how to compose, but I can teach you how to make whatever you do compose, sound ace. In fact, I can teach you anything really, even how to pot a hole-in-1 in Tiger Woods PGA.

So if you're interested, pm me or email me. **please remember to include your email address for me to reply to!! (When you use the forum email facility, I cannot reply unless you include your email!!)**

£ varies on how poor you are and how far I have to travel. All cases considered on merit. And tea +biscuits. :drinking:
I should point out here that (as far as I know) Chris' skills on Tiger Woods were mostly gained at my house during his breaks from working on the tune we're doing together - breaks during which I applied my own secret techniques and mixing voodoo wot Chris don't know nuffink about... :ph34r: :Wink3:
Aha, but what Colin doesnt know is that I had secretly wired the PS2 up to his PC, and while he was idling away on the forum and surfing for make-up tips on the web, I was secretly tweaking the track! He he!