Tunes by Morganism for all to enjoy?


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Bristol (actually)
Here we go!!! I've finally bit the bullet and decided to let my tunes run wild and free (so to speak).

Please have a listen and let me know what you think.
The three tunes are full on/funky/fun psytrance so i hope at least some of you will enjoy them. - bst.mp3 - do the dance.mp3 - post fire.mp3

Big thanks to Evil Will for the webspace....
check out (more tunes by Evil Will and Rantici)

These aren't kids...
they're well adjusted and mature adults.... love the 'what the hell just happend' break :P Brilliant
Listend to your first tune on the list...Wicked like the weather reports by a smurf :Grin:
Nice and full al round and I liked the break a the 4:30 mark.
I'll have a listen to the others now.
Love the first track (bst) especially at the 6:30 mark. stomp stomp stomp
Second tune (do the dance) is PHAT how cool is that man. Three cheers hiphip horray hiphip horray hiphip horray.
Third tune (post fire) is dark and yummy :licks lips:
Jeeze dude - this is a real kick in the face sonically (all in a good way) :Grin:

I see you've been liberally applying the funk-juice to the mix WE NEED MORE like this! Groove man, it's got grooooooooove!

Can't really give you any constructive critisism at the mo (still listening to the first tune), all sounds spectacularly well mastered and the content's clearly there.

You are going places with this, it's what we need more of, keep at it and you better PM me when the album's out (or you get this played in a club)!

Gonna have to go skin up (on a school night :o ) and listen to the rest of it - blown away!

Thanks for the feedback guys!! you've made my day! :sun:
keep it coming!!

Glad you like the groove Pricey,

check out

'cause there are more tunes on there by Evil Will and Rantici (especially if you like your trance a bit more full on.)


nice work!

i'm only reviewing BST because i've just got full net access again :Smile3: here goes...

lovely intro; suitably atmospheric, if a bit long! i love the chunky bassnotes - when it kicks in properly the bassline is phat & funky, perfect in fact :Smile3: nice sample work as well.

the squelchy synth sounds are ace, and the percussion is crisp & clean. EQing sounds great throughout - i know we've only got 160kbit to listen to, but it sounds really well resolved. it actually reminds me a little bit of cosmosis!

the 'tougher' synths at 3:00 are cool, and the 3:30 kick is really chunksome. this track proceeds from the funk to the nasty really well :Grin:

the weather sample is kewl, and the percussive variations that accompany the bridging section from the weather part to the main break are sexcellent. when it drops again it's superb; i can really see this going off in a club. in fact i'd be interested in maybe getting a cd copy sometime to play?

top notch!