Tunes from the Photon Band

Listened to 'More fun shopping' wicked tune. My band is playing at Strawberry Fair too. See you there, look forward to hearing the live performance. :speaker:

We're on at 4.45pm i'm told in some tent/on some stage or other.

Cool, we are 'Keiretsu', check the link :Grin: soliptic from our band posts on this site also.

Let's hope for some :sun: on the day!


Unfortunately, it wasn't like that from where i was :Sad:

Tent which was supposed to be black-out wasn't, so no visuals :sad:
Left in the lurch by other half of the act, and left to do it on my own :mad:
No monitors, couldn't hear what was what :no:
Generator wasn't man enough, so had no mixer or headphones and could barely run one computer :sob:
All-in-all, i've had better gigs!

Still, could have been worse...

caught half of what i think was your set, and was thoroughly impressed :jump:
I did wonder about the visuals that are mentioned on your site, pity would have locked it down for sure. Only one computer too eh? oh dear. I still thought everyone there was having a great time - me included - so success of sorts.

Still I can certainly say we've had worse trouble before when we were headlining a tent at the Green Festival in Newcastle: we were set up, all the sound working fine, play the first note of the tune and the power goes. No more set, hundreds of miserable people. They were well up for more music as the previous band tore it up, not even a chance to tell if we were any good or not. :sad:

Tricky one really with these free festivals which run on a brass farthing of funding for the scale of the operation.

Thanks for the kind words,

Sax James.
So did anyone else see the star on Sunday morning, or was it just me and the people I was with?

I thought it may be a sign for the 'day out of time'