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I'd really like (if possible) 2 get hold of sum of ya choons :Smile3: Im in2 all the Dark / Banging / Bouncy psy like The Misted Muppets / CPU / Astrix / Gataka. Ne help would be much apreciated :bananada:
Hi Absolute some friends and I have quite a few tunes that might fit the bill nicely. They are all found at

There's quite a mix from three very different artists:

From EvilWill I would recommend Unknown Unknowns and Psi-Die with their filthy noises and breaks edge :punk: (thanks to EvilWill for the web space btw :Smile3: )

From Morganism I would have to pick BST and Post Fire. He has a load of really good new stuff which is properly bouncy :jump: , shame it aint on the web yet :Sad: .

Of mine I reckon Con-Fusion and Fakir Bacon are most what you are looking for :Wink3: .

Hope you have as much fun listening to these as we did writing them :Grin:
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Cool, nice 1 :Smile3: are they all zero pitched so I could play them out??

pardon my


:lolololo: :excessiv: :excessiv: :excessiv:

I will second third and fourth that ""

:lolololo: :excessiv: :excessiv: :excessiv: