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Big Dave Mar 31, 2004

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    The two girls we are living with are going to Turkey, so both their rooms will be coming free on 19th of April, we we are looking for two girls to replace em with. We are three guys you have probably seen at all the London parties (Carlos, Sinan and Dave), house has 5 rooms.

    They werent all that psychedelic, so it would be nice to have more psychedelic people here.. (mainly so we can pump the sounds louder more often). Smoking whatever you want is fine (except crack), and we are all very easy going and party most weekends.

    Its a cool place, right by Alexandra Palace in Wood Green, 5 mins to tube and train station. Rent is £55/week for one room and the other is £45/week. All the rooms have double beds, fully furnished etc.

    Give me (Dave) a call on 079 5829 6505 if ya want to come over to have a look :Smile3:


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