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near Prague
here is my 1,5 year old dj mix I made for our czech dance music magazine as a free cd to one of their issues dedicated to underground scene such as tekkno and psytrance...

the idea behind the set is to show both side of psytrance to the people who have never heard about it - the light side and the dark side - thats why it is called "Two worlds". The second thing is that I wanted to put the flow of a party into one dj set - from midnight to the morning - 8 or more hours of a party into 1 hour set :Smile3: I hope I was succesfull even the sets flow is considered as weird sometimes :Smile3: Well I like to make weird things....

I hope you enjoy

the set - 82 MB, 160 kbps -
info, cue, cover -

Two Worlds
selected & mixed by Cymoon (Sonic Distortion/Inpsyde Media)

1: LEMURIANS - Lemuria (Shiva Space Technology)
2: LEMURIANS - A Crystal (Shiva Space Technology)
3: HYPER FREQUENCIES - New Order Of Noise (Parvati records)
4: ANALOG MOHICANS - Odin (Shiva Space Technology)
5: PHOSPHENE - After Burn (U.S.T.A.)
6: PENTA - 1001 Hangover (Ketuh records)
7: ELECTRO MAGNATIC - Psychoactive (U.S.T.A.)
8: FREQUENCY SURFER - Elstir (Inpsyde Media)
9: MUTANT STAR - Impressive
10: FATALI - Keep It Real (Alchemy records)
11: JIRAH - Third Phase (U.S.T.A.)