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hmm, what, now...
Hey everyone,

I just got back here (to the UK) after a long stint in upside down land (Australia), where I was causing a rumpus among Oztrancers and Off-trancers at parties in NNSW, and SE-QLD.

Hoping to catch up with a few of you at some super-cool parties, and get into the scene over here.

Will be heading down to Romania for Trancylvania Calling next week, and would like to meet some likeminded funsters, to hang out, discuss the issues of the world (argue incessantly), and spend cruisy time with relaxing and taking in the atmosphere!

Hello to anyone who knows me from Oz (or from my older days, in Scotland or wherever), and hello to all my new friends who I have yet to meet! :Smile3:


PS, any crews around south coast area who need a hand with any aspect of putting on a party, I have a free pair of hands and a willing attitude.

PPS, anyone who wants to invite me to a party is welcome to contact me :Smile3:


rocks, oars
weindeed... i have heard about your awesome set-ups @ doofs ehhe!

wilkommen to psy-forum... hehe... .co.uk and all

they have ze crazy emoticons

like so eyyy

:juggle: :partysmi: :goodthre: :dito: :welcome: :party2: :smilemus: :cooljump:

and so on.

:Wink3: hehe


Another oztrancer meaks it over here! Welcome charlie :Grin:


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:welcome: to the forum....

i like australia...
i was out in australia this time last year!!!
its a lovely country :Smile3:

enjoy the forum...