Ultra Psychedelic Scando Trance - Online stream, finally!!


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Been down for a few days due to hardware problems but back up again...

Listen at http://mirkwar.nu:8000 in high quality 192kpbs!

Feel free to drop by #Psy.se on EFNet IRC network and request tunes, or just have a nice chat... See ya there!

Happy Boom!!
Sorry for the downhours! But now its stable and for sure up 24/7... in highest quality, with the most insane psy!

Ultra Psychedelic Scando Trance - Online stream @ 192kbps, finally back online 24/7 AGAIN(this time forever!)


We're streaming insane ultra psychedelic trance 24/7 @ 192kbps quality!

Live events will occur from now and then, with reknown DJ's doing their spinning live over the radio, dont miss this!!

Listen at: http://mirkwar.nu:8000

And you can also join us on IRC at EFNet network (irc.daxnet.no), and idle in channel to be updated about coming events, and to have nice chats regarding psy, and even make some requests if you like!

Hope to see you there!

Happy Boom!! // GLM