Ultra Psychedelic Trance - Online Stream - Live acts booked!


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We're streaming insane ultra psychedelic trance 24/7 @ 192kbps quality!

Live events will occur from now and then, with reknown DJ's doing their spinning live over the radio, dont miss this!!

Stream URL is http://mirkwar.nu:8000/listen.pls

And you can also join us on our IRC channel #Psy.se at EFNet network (irc.dataphone.se), and idle in channel to be updated about coming events
and to have nice chats regarding psy music, clothes, parties or whatever, and even make some requests if you like!

Hope to see you there soon!! (SPREAD THE WORD :Wink3: )

Happy Boom!! // #Psy.se Staff

PS. Djs are lining up to get to stream, if yer good at streaming and interested, find us at IRC and talk to GLM!