um hi im new



:hehe: been sent here by a nice deviantart friend indiska
not sure what to do but just hoped to maybe put some art up?
anyone got any ideas?or even a bit of advice/help?
Hi and Welcome to the Forum!! :Wink3:

Best thing to do is go to the General Discussion Forum first from the front page and have a browse through the discussions going on there. When you see something that interests you go in and look through what peeps have written, then if you want to say something in reply click on the button "Add Reply" at the bottom and then you're able to type whatever you wnat and add smilies etc by clicking on the choices on the left.

If you get stuck just ask peeps either by this means or by using the PM (personal Message) button.

Enjoy!! :Smile3:

or should i say..welcome to the zoo! :Grin:

yeh i thought u should come on ere & share ur psychedelic art coz it's sooo wonderful & i know peeps on here would appreciate it!
theres a post in discussion coffeeshop about psy-art where u can pm Nathalie K as she's looking for psy-art for a website....
& maybe stick a link to ur dev art?
there's also a section on graphic arts somewhere on ere which is interesting too :Smile3:
a few peeps here paint backdrops (as u do), and some are looking for backdrops for events etc....

happy browsing!

:welcome: come on in and put yer feet up

Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3: