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Craic Addict

Purveyor of Fine Shittalk
Alright Zini? Been keeping the head down over xmas (14 mouths to feed! Yikes!) and getting the bills paid-that time of year! Nearly no partying at all what about yerself? The Dublin Massive were probably kikkin off in a big way no doubt!

Dazzler has just revamped the Bloop City/Progressive Perspective/Future Beat/Dream Tunnel site (wish he'd settle on a name though) and I thought I'd post it here.
There's a biggie coming up on April 15th or so just outside Belfast-the flyer's on the site have a wee look around.

So now in Belfast we have Acid Casualty and a wee Portugese dude (Lost Buddha on this board)to add to the ranks as well as the usual suspects and NOWHERE AT ALL to play! Cops & council are hard core up here after all. This one should be good though.

Are you getting many gigs down in the Fair City or what? Anything cool? It's been so long since I saw the Dub crew that I'm embarrassed to say! Could be nearly a year at least- the first sign I'm getting too old! LOL!

Keep 'er lit. And get yerself to this one!


yer, i'm in dublin, but not for much longer, heading off for my summer time wanderings a bit early this year.
hoping the craic will be as ever