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Hello all.

Here is another little ditty I have written. Hopefully move towards who knows where, but hopefully hey? :Wink3:

It isn't finished yet so, still planty of time to improve it :Smile3:

Any opinions feedback etc, as always very welcome even if it is more

clickity click click

EDIT: The above link is defunct :lol:
nice! very atmospheric :Smile3: i like it. please do finish :Grin: the only complaint I've got is it breaks down before it really gets started. its only 3 mins now though. good start!

(i just realised i've been making my "new tune" threads in the wrong forum :Sad: didn't it used to be under media production before?)
dogcow said:
(i just realised i've been making my "new tune" threads in the wrong forum :Sad: didn't it used to be under media production before?)

Almost - this whole section was a sub-section of the Media Production forum.

Took me half-hour or so to find it after the changeover :Wink3:

i really like it.

lovely & atmopsheric for sure... it sounds 'vast', something i always strive for :Grin: the bassline is plenty tuff enuff & the delayed-synths are great...

that main 'big' synth sound reminds me of a concorde dawn track :Smile3: it's lubbly, perhaps a teeny bit too loud but then again i've only listened through headphones...

great stuff, my only criticism:

finish it!!!!!!! :Grin: you can't tease us like this :Wink3:
sorry, by 'a teeny bit too loud' i mean that particular synth's level is maybe too high...
fank you to you all :Smile3:

Things are going very fast now :jump: :jump: :jump: I've written another three minutes that I'm fairly happy with, It isn't up and about yet, but it's getting there. All the mixing levels haven't been dealt with yet, as I'm still in the getting things down stage :Smile3: . I haven't used any EQ yet apart from synth filters, so it should be a lot cleaner by the time I'm finished.

Cheers for the positive feedback, it is really nice to know that people like my stuff :Smile3:
very well done indeed sir :Smile3: i always like the crazy synth sounds you make, and youve made a few really really dark sounds for this. and they all fit together really well, as in orchestration kinda thing, they all suit each other, nothing sounds out of place (is this making any sense?) so award yourself a pat on the back. is this one going off to any labels?
More positive stuff :Smile3: Thanks you two

Making perfect sense as per normal Double Helix :Smile3: We will see about the labels, maybe, if I can write maybe three good tunes in the same style! I am hopping around like some shamanic monkey at the moment. One minute Psy, the next tech, then prog... :Sad: Must make up my mind, or start a side project! finishing tracks would help as well. :? :? :?

But tentatively - yes.