Uni > LA' Moonvin


not a bum!
for those from the shadow!
3rd album

fresh psychedelia from Japan.

listened to the samples and it sounds well good... very original, sort of exeperimental breakbeaty sometimes well dark psytrance!"

Uni > LA' Moonvin

(Throb Records)

1. Departure
2. Underground Around
3. Ghost Dance
4. Biblove
5. Time Out
6. Adventure
7. The Opened Eyes
8. La Fin



Hey Nik! What's up dude?

Uni are blissful man! :sun:

Only got Spotted Mesa (the EP) which is pure class under live percussion and great fits of guitar (think juno reactor style), while Ubar Tmar offer a remix along the way.

Am desperate to find Venus their first album. Heard so many good things about it but is impossible to find. :sad:

So very glad that La movin is so easier to get hold off!

Yeah bring it on!



not a bum!
hehe! hi alex!
everything all right here! iddle of exams...
didnt know bout them till I heard venus...dont have it tho and never asked a copy...
verything out of stock...maybe worth asdking them directly...
gonna get this tho! very different.