United Nations Of Trance :Germany

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V.P Psy comes to Dorset
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Dorchester (Dorset)
Another in the U.S.T.A. series if United Nations of Trance.
Quite a clever series this... & intersting to see how the psy genre is developing with each country stamping it's own brand mark into its interpretation.
The last review of this series was for "The Russians"...which had as you would imagine , quite dark undertones.. as is also the way with Russian Classical music.

With this review, we cover United Nations of Trance : Germany.

My personal favourite in the series.. compiled by Alex Dorkian a.k.a. N.O.K.

Track 1 kicks off with Think on me by Neelix.. typical of the Hamburg style..quite electronic influenced & very Teutonic in style..probably the one weak track (in my opinion)
2. is Tulk bringing us Moonstone.. great rollling bassline, this is a powerful & quite epic melodic track...& gives us a nice hint of what this album is all about.
3. N.O.K. :Another World ..great intense vocal early on, Strong & powerful as you would expect from Alex.
4.Liquid Space ..a newcomer ,with his track Dr Habanilloz.. this is a newcomer to look out for..excellent melodies..very busy...well placed vocal ..& probably one of my favourites.
5.Psytrain(newcomer) A genuine dancefloor filler..though in truth, not overly original..but will definitely go down well on the dancefloor.
6.Cryptical Vibes -Take Control Quite clever with its mid-track break down, although not as strong a track as you would imagine coming from a N.O.K. project, it will pack the dancefloors.
7.OptoKoppler -The Machine. Every bit Teutonic in sound as the name suggests.. interesting choices of voice samples..& very mechanical in sound..quite clever.
8. Newcomer Liquid Space again..I love these..their Track TonBox again very melodic & I think you'd have to be quite harsh to criticise this too much..Excellent.

All round, this album is full of dancefloor fillers..my personal; favourites being by Liquid Space..which definitely bodes well for the future of German Psy.