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Dorchester (Dorset)
USTA (Underground Sound of Tel Aviv) has launched an impressive & ambitious project by unleashing The United Nations of Trance series :

United Nations of Trance :Russia compilation compiled by Dj G-Light.

This compilation features nine massive & carefully selected tracks by the following artists :
...Starting with a fantastic remix of G-Lights very own "Dance of the morning su"..remixed by Bukara & G-LIGHT, it begins with the familiar melody & then powerfully kicks in..melodic & full of emotion..great track.

After a happy beginning, things start to get serious : Hologram are Igor Mishenko & Herman Grach,,.. here they have created a bomb for the dancefloors namely "Fullomatic Motions..full-on with a scary vocal..mysterious & powerful to say the least.

Ivan Lline & Vikenty Sotnikov combine to make the project Neosperix...Their track Neosphere plays games with the baseline & combines funky effects with a great catchy melody.

Hyper Synapse bring you the track The Story :Fast kick & great build up, good Goa influenced melodies... a guaranteed dancefloor stormer.

The cd just continues with class act after class act bringing you the very freshest of the trance sounds of Russia.

Executive Producer on this was none other than Zoo-B.. you know your'e getting a quality album when you combine this with the well respected U.S.T.A. LABEL.