Unreleased Goa Records (Sublabel Of DAT Records)

Cosmogenesis Jun 28, 2020

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    Unreleased Goa Records is DAT Records' first sublabel, perceived as a logical continuation and the final phase of the “Unreleased Goa Project”, that exists since 2007. The aim is to release in digital format until now hidden and obscure Goa Trance tracks, or re-release rare albums. [​IMG]


    We just released our tenth release a couple of days ago and have many great projects and surprises in the pipeline for the coming months. [​IMG]

    Please find all our releases here: https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/
    And follow us on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/UnreleasedGoaRecords/

    Warm thanks to all of you for your support! [​IMG]
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