unreleased heady trance cuts

dr nigel

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please listen to these tracks!

the artist is dr nigel ; that's me ... east coast US producer with a knack for cerebral electronic beats ...
i perform on keys & samples with a live PA / live instrumental edm group known as Psylab (http://www.psylabunderground.com)...

the tracks are my own productions as dr nigel.

---> 134 bpm, proggy house, slow build, high energy finale

---> 130 bpm, breaks into dreamy progressive house

please have a listen & hit me back!

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neil g larson


thought they were a bit erratic at first but after listening to em a few times i quite like them.

I think Regenerate is the better of the two, the bassline definitly keeps the tune together and doubles both as a funky light number then complements the dark atmosphere when the direction of the song changes.

the bits i dont like are the euphoric style build ups that really dont enhance the overall feel of the song. its quite laid back but gets far too complicated to listen to easily

good stuff tho

reminds me of an old Keoki mix tape ive got somewhere actually...must be an american thing :Smile3: