Unsigned musicians and unpublished tunes



Hi all,

I sometimes dj at the psy-dmt in camden and some parties like Chichime and squats, not a profetional really but have lot of fun playing and listening to music.

I was wondering if some of you who make music out there would like me to play your tunes in my sets, I play chill out in all flavours.

I promise to handle your music with care and respect, I also make music and know the feelings related :Wink3:

Please send me the links for download if you agree

Peace out

You're also welcome to any of my chillout material from the same URL.

They're the ones by artist "hipnotic".
Thanx guys, this is very kind of you :drinking:

I have been away a few days and will check your links as soon as I am back home this week and will report back.

:jump: :jump: :jump:
tenkiuuuuu, hope more to come

You can check out stuff of mine at http://www.soundclick.com/traumstation
I will apreciate if you play this sh*t :Wink3: If it fits your taste I will give you a special download adress so you don't have to register at soundclick. PM me if you want.
Cheers, Tom
:wow: love your tunes :punk:

Sorry I'm late, don't know how to thank you for your replies, your music is exellent and the production is really good. Hope to have same results soon on my tunes.

Sax- your tune is exellent, I like it a lot and it goes very well with a string of other tripy tracks that I play to build some athmospheric moments that grow back again in full rithmic psy chill with a bit, great stuff man :wub: :punk: If you have more please do tell me :Wink3:

Soliptic- I like Magic Dragon a lot :wub: :wub: and also your drum 'n bass songs are so cool, i'll download 'em all for personal pleasure and I am sure i will play some of them as I also like to come out the line sometimes with a bit of uptempo/electronica and sometimes go really experimental with so many diferent things you do not expect in a chill out. Did not finish all downloads yet but some titles sound promising. Good work man you sound really good on the production side :smoke:

Tom- I did not listen to your stuff yet :no: , I have the feeling I am going to like it, will PM you straight away for those links. Thanx for offering bro :drinking:

It would be great if you could listen to my sets and tell me what you think, if you are around London sometimes let me know, I might be playing somewhere.

Peace and sunshine everyone

:o glad u liked it! Not working on any other downtempo stuff at the mo but if you're playing around the time of 29th August, our band is playing at an event in Camden (Jam by the Loch), so I'll be around. :Smile3:

this one of hipnotic's is excellent imo:

funk conspiracy vs hipnotic - city girl has got the blues (bust a groove redub)

def worth a listen. and maybe:

tahc - autocephaly

on the same page, which is a tune made out of a single sample. V emotional :sob:

Sax James.
opia is that eyes for you ... been used b4 in something. i reconise the main sounds. its a bloody good tune, keep up the good work :Grin:

rob :Grin:
forgotten said:
opia is that eyes for you ... been used b4 in something. i reconise the main sounds. its a bloody good tune, keep up the good work :Grin:

rob :Grin:

thanks man! :Smile3:

not sure what you mean about the title / been used before though? all sounds programmed from scratch using synths etc. only sample is the 'how sweet to be a cloud' from the united states of america
Hi guys, I cannot download anything for a bit, was out of the country then I have my home upside down for a few weeks. I will get back to normal shortly and will get back to you all. Meanwhile thank you so much for your tunes, i am sure I will enjoy'em all

Peace and light and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx

Hi guys, still in deep waters about everything in my life this days :sob:

I have downloaded everything you sent but I am very sorry to tell you that I did not have much time to listen to your tunes yet, appart from a few quick sporadic occasions and the first ones that came along. Unfortunatly when things happen they all come together :sad: :mad: it would be too long to make a list of all shite that's happening to me. hopefully the end of it is getting closer and I will forget about it soon :Wink3:

:sob: :sob: I want to get back to normal :sob: :sob: listen to my music in my bedroom and chilling my ass with some :smokingr: and wonder in my little happy worlds, and when my body is sufficiently coordinated (after the :smokingr: effects I mean :lol: ) I'd spin my decks or make some tunes or just play my beautiful hammond :clubjump: :smilemus: :wub:

Right! My name is meant to mean Not Dead Yet so this is what I'll do: tomorrow Fairy Tales :clublase:
sunday relax and listen to some tunes, wendsday I'm off and will listen to more tunes and thursday I will have to defend myself for a disciplinary hearing at work about my attendance :crazy: :rolleyes: , whatever the result of it I will declair my period of bad luck officially over and then I will get a slot at the DMT to play a kickass set to celebrate my new found quite after the storm, haaaaahhh feel better now.
Sorry to bore you with my disperes but I just can't take anymore :no:

Well, time to go now, please keep posting new tunes, for what I heard so far you have exellent stuff I'd like to play, oh and the funny side of my name's meaning is Not Deaf Yet :P

I'll be back! Peace dudes
Cheers Sax, it will mate, it will. Man! Did I have to show off about that hammond thing? Slapping my hand now! :hehe:

It's an old peace of history that I was lucky to find outside a pub in restoration. They were chucking it away :o
I took it home and gave it a good clean, it's not a big model like the B3 or else. I think it's a L100 something, very simple church organ really but as one of my fave bands of all times happens to be Deep Purple when I saw it I had to take it. It sounds alright and just look so cool, so 70s :wub: . I do not play well tbh but I enjoy doing some simplified DP thing with it.