Unsigned Psy-Tance from the South- East of England!!!!

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
seems to work my end Joel.......
.....hey ferguts, you really only 15? you've got a bright future ahead of you I think. Plenty of nice atmospheric sounds you've created in there....I see you've got Snafu down as an inspiration, would that be Snafu of this board? surely a terrible role model (just kidding hehehe)


half-way through listening to the first tune, i like it. especially if you;re 15! i was making shite tracker music on my acorn when i was 15!

keep it up mate!

just noticed - you put my flatmate rantici as one of your influences :Grin: he does indeed rock.. one day i might even persuade him to play out... though his tunes have already rocked a few dance floors in the last couple of months...


Ferguts youre havin it laaarge mate. Keep knockin out tracks mate, aand good luck at sect63 on the 27th innit. x


locus solus
listening now and just had to comment on the synth wobbles, funky funky :Grin: this stuff has got a groove for sure, and already more interesting than a lot of the stuff i seem to hear! don't stop :Wink3:


imperialist running-dog
Nice work! Chunky, squelchy and well produced. Love the drop at about 1/3 of the way thru... keep it up!


Err the synth that drops about 2/3 of the way in! So fucking good! Slides around like a pschedelic train on ice! Sort of......
Hearing his music over a phat sound system gives me the biggest buzz imaginable. I just sorta loose it. Almost had a heart attack the other day whilst dancing when he was playing.
Watch this space!

PS Yes it is my brother. Make way...........