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Seeing that there are many talented and knowledgeable people on this forum it seems a good place for me to ask a few questions and pick a few brains on the fertility of the employment side of what we do.

That may be confusing so let me paint a little picture: in July this year I finish college with an HND in sound engineering and I want to job that uses it rather than finding myself in yet another dull office. I also have 8 years personal experience producing music (of varying quality) at home and am confident on most audio software and hardware you can throw at me. I also have limited work experience in radio, tv and playing around with small sound systems.

The problem is I dont really have a specified area of sound engineering I have my heart set on, although ideally I'd have my own studio and run a few record labels (not that you need this qualification for that). This is achievable with some investment but even so, realistically that is more of a 10 year plan rather than what to do later this year. Anything that is from "almost stimulating" and utilises the skills from what has been my hobby of 8 years will probably suit me fine as an introduction to working life in the industry, from there I will have a better vantage point to think about careers etc.

I'm guessing that there will be a few people here who have been through a similar job search to what I need to do later this year. Do you have any wise words you can share or pointers towards companies worth approaching?

Cheers :Smile3:

Get out there and start bullshitting.

Jobs in the music industry [or the ones worth having anyway..] don't rely on qualifications in any way whatsoever.

What counts is experience, flair, enthusiasm and front.

And luck.

I worked as a freelance sound engineer/producer for 10 years before i started doing what i'm doing now. Never once was I asked if i was "qualified" cos in music, you're as good as your last recording/mix etc.

My whacky haircut and "interesting" name got me more jobs in the early days than any diploma ever could, and i progressed from small studios doing unsigned artists, to working in places like Sarm and Ridge Farm and RealWorld with some pretty well known people in quite a short time. Theres a bit of networking involved and making sure you are ready to take advantage of every opportunity you encounter.

I'm not blagging here - just trying to show yu that the music biz is almost universally uninterested in formal qualifications. I have seen engineer's CV's thrown into the bin cos they mention that they have a diploma from SAE (School of Audio Engineering).

Also worth remembering is that studios don't hire engineers any more. 99% of engineers/producers are freelance and have managers to find their work. Once you get the ball rolling, word of mouth should be sufficient to keep you working. A+R men are all desperate to find the next big thing - and that applies to producers as well as artists.

Work on a hit record and yu won't have to worry for ten years. The work will find you.
It has been said that 'Everything gives way to direct intent' (Crowley) - u have to really want it and stay on it untill you get it...this applies to much in life.
Apparently there is good money up for a good live act - so my advice is get some background income, so ur not a poor struggling artist and focus on the music. Good music speaks for itself so when ur happy enough with it - start sending out demos (copywrite 'em first) and then follow 'em all up and as Ott says - get in there, network and start building your own ball of hype. Bookings should follow... this is my mission and I really want it - i'm so fed up with bullshit rat race - it's just a waste of life for me. Remember that most people with our aims die trying - so i think its v important to simply enjoy the journey. This way, even if no money is ever made, at least we had fun with the music and familly around us. I wish you every success and would love to hear some of your stuff.... as for mine...i'm working on it.