USB mp3 players



canyouhearthegoblins said:
....can you just drag any mp3 in there?

yip! just like the usb memory stix, you just drag n drop the files

they prob come with some software to manage your playlists tho..;


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
i've got a USB mp3 player watch i'm letting go for a song if you're interested. the song is Run To You by Bryan Adams and roughly translates to about forty quid
having just downloading loads of saiko sounds samples onto a usb stick to listen to at home rather then in the office (hehe lets dance everyone) i think it would be damn good to plug my headphones straight into it for the way home :burp:


you can get a 1Gb MP3/Video player from, chek them out on ebay, you can pick them up for about 40£ (I got mine for that, +20£ delivry+insurance(from hongkong lol))...its a bit slow when your changin choonz or videos, but luvly sound, nice eq, and you can even change the tempo +/-8 lol :Grin:

the screen iz tiny, but I love watchin cartoonz on it :Grin: (family guy n futrama hehe) n comez with loadz of converting software for vidz, only thing it doesnt have is one that can change the res, which would be nice, coz why the f**k you need 640x480 when the screens only 100x80 or somthing ?¬!

same thing, drag-n-drop files, it turnz into a removable disk :Smile3:

built in rechargable battery, charges by USB