Usun-thiuth *The dawning of a new evil*


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Well hey people! Its been a long time since we posted a thread, but we've been hard at the drawing board working out new ideas to make your parties better!

We've come to the conclusion that the local party scene is at a bit of a slow running at the moment, and so we've come to enlighten you all to the Usun-thiuth way of thinking.

We don't care who you are, or indeed what you can bring to a party, we feel that you should get involved!!!:hihug:

We believe in diversity and bringing people together through the common ground of having a laugh, and a BLOODY GOOD STOMP and we want EVERYTHING at parties, DJs, artists, playgrounds, aliens...... :hehe: we want ALL OF YOU!!!!

I (Loki) would personally like to see an environment where hippies, chavs, ravers, goths and fish can all party together with nothing but respect and love for each other.
Help us fight out of this corner we all, as the youth have been pushed into, and let's make parties something that the whole community respects!

Well, its all up to you fluffy lot now, if you wanna get involved then PM either me or Rev.Dexxy Sparkle (you heard me, he's a reverend!)
And please don't feel you have nothing to bring to parties, because just by turning up you're giving us the support we need.

Thanx for listening people!!!