UV artist paintings and sculptures check it out.........


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Hello here are some samples of my art work

I dont have many of my Uv paintings on my sites but I can create more more more.......... This is the tip of my iceburg
drop me an email and I send samples or sketches email is earthtribe@gardener.com

paint vip rooms in clubs or chillout spaces have all sorts of tricks

sculptures any size glow in the dark and uv................


/\ /\ DJ ELF in da mix /\ /\ white clay fired and for sale like all other pics here even the van!!!!

fimo uv and glow in the dark Spirit drummer about 5 inche's tall
\/ \/Nomal light\/ \/ -------------------/\ /\glow in the dark/\ /\

My art studio/ van still finishing off for the spring and summer... best thing is she runs on vegi oil or Bio diesel



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wow, that van is beautiful :iyes:


whoa! all i can say is your friend son is one lucky kid..his room will look amazing !


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thanks for all the great compliments...........

seems this forum is going to be a good psyber hang out for me looking forward to it and lovin the other posts


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organic apple muncher said:
I loved 'under the canopy' would like all the walls in my room painted like that... chill out

Well organic apple muncher,

thats my job give me a shout and I can get it done that painting also lightup super subtle in uv tooo:iyes:

and thanks guys comments like those are rocket fuel to me:iwink:


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hey can you reccomend a place online or in a store i can get the material to paint on, and what i should do to prepare it? thankeeee

Agent Smith

what spoon?
Simon will tell you to paint on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!
but spose if your talking about backdrops for club use you nedd to use canvas thats fire proofed.
I'd say its better to devlop your ideas and themes with smaller pieces on anything,paper, wooden boards, walls etc. before chuckin up the $$ i.m.h.o


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oh yeah oops forgot to mention thats for backdrops, ive felt the material on a few and it seems to be thin and quite silky in texture..


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hi I just been advised by the tribe of frog to use this............. use flame-proofed black Bolton Twill or more
recently black Travera which is inheritly fire-proof, rot-proof, very
strong and lightweight.

good luck as for where not sure yet if you find somewhere let me know