UV artist paintings and sculptures check it out.........


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Psy-forum is one of the few places where people seem VERY interested in art in many forms. a very good place for feedback indeed!

by the way, welcome to Psygarden :Wink3:


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Hey Turkeyphant:ismile: well any size you want..... and I do them on pro canvas with woodern frames, I see you are in cambridge..... well I am in Suffolk at the moment Bury St Edmunds to be pricise, so a local and I am loving your room! thats wild............. my prices depend on the detail you want.... full on detailed jungle picture like the opener is eight feet across and is £550 its a bigone something that suits your room and is about three feet by two n a half is around £300 for full detail.... and well if you want some thing done for you we can talk just email me :ismile: I'll produce some thing for any budget earthtribe@gardener.com CHEERS


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Really beautiful work, sculptures are beautiful.

My friend whose work I love has agreed to do some painting on my van - but he's never painted on a van before and no idea what to use. Do you mind me asking what materials did you use and did you need to get respray done first?

If I didnt have to spend the money on clutch repair, MOT, new skylights would love to order a mural, but needs must (oh and we also looking to get additional tank in so we can run our van off biodiesel, yay!)


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hi Neko

well depends on his confidence he can use enamel but thats pricey, However it is the strongest by far but you have to use turps and well that and the paint is toxic..... my eco friendlyness does not approve....:ismile:
or the ether move is to use house paint enamel but the colour is always a bit wishy washy....and again turps

so unless anyone knows any better try acrylic its a tough paint so that means sanding the surface a bit to rough it up then you can put a good undercoat spray on which is a good move LIKE THIS ONE proper undercoat

thats the tan colour at the base and the back... It had rust to so all that had to be filled first
then at the end of the painting the trick to make it last ages heaps and heaps of evenly sprayed clear laquer or car varnish about 4 quid a can and dont be shy with it at least three coats

however if its a banger just cover it in acrylic paint

this side was varnished the magic wizard side wasn't and after a year both good! but it wont last

now it looks like this soo far

hope that helps......

ps right now I am not busy so murals are cheap!! lol

have fun and if you need help with vegi oil van check out Blooming futures in brighton they are a cool as non profit convertion crew who can give cool ideas and help the transition, although if you are using biodiesel you can just pour it in !!!:ismile:


Meer Kat
Wow great advice thanks, we're heading on a roadtrip soon but reckon our Big Pikey Van is going to have to remain pretty much in its current state but if that lotto win ever comes in I'll surely be giving you a call. I LOVE the work youve done, its truly beautiful.